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Vintage One-of-a-Kind-Collection

If you don’t have vintage jewellery in your collection, you are definitely missing out! Anna Lou has curated a one-of-a-kind jewellery collection. Vintage jewellery makes the hottest jewellery trend nowadays, especially attracting the people who are looking for something different yet classy. These days, we see a lot of celebrities wearing the most unique and dazzling vintage jewellery paired with their couture gowns. Today’s latest jewellery collections tend to have retro colours and styles.  

Why is Vintage One-of-a-kind Collection?
Aside from being beautiful, the antique jewellery appeal allows you to escape time and place. The interesting part of buying vintage jewellery lies in finding about its past and who created it, when and how was it made and what was the story underlying? Many people get intrigued by the markings and engravings inside the vintage gems, imagining the beautiful lady who wore it once in a retro gown as she waits for her partner, or perhaps a flapper girl who worked for the female empowerment years ago.  Whatever story is attached to your antique jewellery, just being able to have such piece from the past thrills you and makes your jewellery collection unique.

Vintage One- of -a-Kind Collection – The Options  
If you like elaborate and romantic antique pieces, the Victorian period might just have the right choice for you. Complex golden filigree and expensive gemstones littered the age, reflecting the Queens penchant for all things beautiful. For one-of-a-kind antique jewellery items that are inspired from flora and fauna, the Nouveau period are attractive and were great representations of strong movement against the mass-produced jewelry. If you’re more into shiny pieces with symmetrical patterns, vintage jewelry belonging to the Art Deco era is something you are looking for.
The retort of antique jewelry has numerous designers demanding to make modern designs with a vintage feel. Rose gold, commonly used during the Victorian period, seems to have come back as this season’s “it” metal, worn by a number of celebrities these days. The component was seen on runways in diverse forms, from cocktails rings to necklaces studded with costly gemstones. At the same time, numerous fashionistas who are always in search of a modified style opt to pair antique jewellery pieces with more modern designs and modern attire, creating a difference that’s appealing to many.

Vintage One- of -a-Kind Collection – The Quality
The jewellery masters of the past deployed techniques, excellence-based standards and attention to detail that are not easily found today. Older Georgian and Victorian antiques are  handmade and numerous vintage items are hand-finished. Make sure the retailer you are buying your antique jewellery from, has high standards. If you already have a vintage-of-a-kind collection, you should repair and refurbish it, bringing back its unique beauty and wearability.
Fashionistas of today love antique pieces because of the huge variety of styles as well as one-of-a-kind nature of the vintage jewellery, making yourself fashionable and an individual at the same time!

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