5 Facts About Buying Diamond Jewellery Your Engaged Friends Are Not Telling You

You want to buy the perfect diamond ring for your engagement but something is missing. You are unsure of where to go, what some of the common mistakes are when buying diamond rings, and more importantly, you’re unaware of how to spot the perfect one.   Many thoughts can be rushing around your head making you uncertain about a purchasing decision. This is not unusual. Buying diamond jewellery is normally a big investment and especially when it’s going to be the ring you will propose with.   Your friends have gotten engaged, been through the whole process yet there are some things they are just not telling you. Frustrating huh? Well, that’s why we have written this article. To guide you through the essential things you need to know when buying diamonds so you don’t fall down the common pitfalls.  
  • Start by going to a reputable, certified retailer
  Where you go is a huge part of the success of your final purchase. If you want to find the best certified diamonds collection, some research is required on your part. This means scanning the websites or stores for certifications, any reviews or testimonials and finding out how long they have been in the business for. Simon West Jewellery offers a stunning diamond collection that is not only immaculately designed but that are fully certified.  
  • Learn more about the Cut of diamonds
  This aspect is a tricky one as it’s often harder to spot than the clarity and colour of a diamond. This means you will have to be aware of what makes a diamond well cut in the first place. If you go somewhere and they present to you multiple cuts at once and one stands out, it doesn’t necessarily mean the cut is brilliant. Out of the current choice you are shown, however, it may be the winner. You need to stay away from poorly cut diamonds that carries the weight in depth (hidden) compared to width.  
  • Be wary of the wrong jeweller
  Some jewellers can inflate the grades they give their diamonds. As an unsuspecting customer, you may be unaware of this and walk away with something that should have cost less. It is safe to say you should not buy a diamond if its $2,000 or more unless it is loose and can be properly evaluated.   If you want to check the site of a reputable and verified retailer, go to Simon West. You can view and select from their gorgeous range of diamonds and be sure to find a brilliant choice for your special woman.  
  • Get clued up about the essential 4 C’s
  This is commonplace in Jewellers talk. It is everything that adds up to the final price of your diamond jewellery which is why it is essential to know this stuff. The three C’s consist of: carat (weight), colour (the less colour the higher the value), clarity (how flawed it is) and the cut (shape) of a diamond. Knowing these elements will help you make an informed decision about what you are buying instead of jumping in the deep end without knowing how to swim.  
  • Think about buying a loose diamond
  As we mentioned earlier, it can be much easier to inspect the value in its entirety when the diamond is loose. This just means you can place it in a setting later and it even makes your engagement ring easier to customise.   Hopefully, you now have some facts and tips about buying diamond jewellery responsibly so you can have confidence in your purchase.
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