Anna Lou's Celebrity of the Week: Pixie Lott

There has been a gaggle of celebrities hitting the mark in the style stakes of late; making it quite tricky to pick out someone who has been consistently getting fashion A*?s. But after much office debate, cups of tea and googling I have concluded that my celebrity of the week is Pixie Lott. The singing sensation has reached the dizzy heights of stardom without a single fashion faux paus. And I believe that is an achievement worthy of my coveted award! Pixie Lott loves her accessories and has been snapped wearing some absolutely stunning pieces, including some of my own. Pixie gets it right by stacking my Charm Bangles to create her signature look; a fashionable melting pot of boho and rock-chick glamour. So, congratulations to Pixie Lott! I hope you continue to stay stylish and wearing jewellery by London?s favourite designer.