Ask Anna - Jewellery Styling Tips #1

Over the next four weeks, Anna will be sharing some of her top jewellery styling tips by answering the questions asked by you! We took to the Twitter-sphere and asked you, our fans and customers, to send in your questions on anything from design, to style advice to crazy jewellery myths that needed debunking with the promise that Anna would deliver her expert opinion. And boy did you answer our call, over the next month we will be sharing our favourite questions along with Anna's top tips and advice. First up this week, Anna talks oversized jewels and how to overcome the fear of big seeming too big. ASK ANNA Q) I’m scared of wearing big jewellery. What do you suggest I do get over that? ANNA'S A) Big jewellery can be scary. It's bold, suggests 'look at me' and can seem overpowering at times. But it can also make a great statement and it all depends on how you wear it. Try a chunky, bright, abstract, 3-D design in your favourite colour to compliment a simple outfit. Down playing the rest of your style is really key here, you need to let the statement piece do the talking so if you do wear other jewellery make sure it compliments your large item. Wear with a simple t-shirt and jeans or a classic LBD and don't only save bold necklaces for evening or party wear, show them off day-to-day too. Your outfit should be comfortable and simple, but the necklace will help to dress it up and draw attention to your excellent style! Try these few pieces to get the look, and I'm sure before you know it you will be embracing the mantra; 'the bigger the better'. Do you have a burning question about jewellery design? Need some style advice ahead of the party season? Anna can help, email her at or tweet us using the hashtag #askanna We will be back next Saturday with the next style question.