Things got a bit fruity the other day at Anna Lou of London Head office. We had the wonderful job of shooting blogger Amy Valentine for our high summer campaign, and the theme was... colourful fruit! Amy Valentine is a 19 year old blogger from Reading, who enjoys music festivals, fashion and blogging! Her vibrant pink hair and her unique and punky fashion choices make her really stand out in the blogger community. It was an easy decision to make when we were choosing our model for the high summer campaign.  Her young and vibrant style looked great amongst the bright back drops and the colourful jewellery and fruit. She modeled a selection of jewellery from the collection. From necklaces to rings to bright and colourful arm candy pieces, there's a piece for everyone and every occasion. To shop our online collection, Click Here to be redirected to the ALOL website. Below are some exclusive pictures from behind the scenes of our high summer Fruit Shoot. Go onto our website to see more images from our fruit shoot fruit shoot 2fruit shoot What do you think to our latest High Summer Campaign? We'd love to hear from you!

Want to see more of Amy Valentine? Click Here to be redirected to her blog.

By Sophie Wilson

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