Birthstone Jewellery

This month is the month of Aries! Happy birthday to any April babies! This is your month to over indulge and truly treat yourself for making it to another year marker. If you're into astrology, or like me, just find it extremely entertaining, I found out a few facts about what it’s like to be an Aries. According to trusty Google, an Aries is independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic and courageous. Isn’t that lovely? Since you’re all these nice things, it’s only necessary that you buy yourself a little birthday gift, right?   Anna Lou of London has a collection of birthstone jewellery, guaranteed to make every birthday special and give you something special to treasure. The birthstone for April is clear crystal, which will look gorgeous on a silver name necklace, against spring florals and fluorescents. Anna Lou of London also has birthstone charms to add to your ALOL charm bracelet, and my personal favourite – the Initial Birthstone Necklace. Style the Birthstone Necklace with a long chain, over crisp whites and candy pinks! Spring ready in under £100!   And if you’re reading this because you’re stuck on what to get your feisty Aries for her B-Day, Anna Lou of London can give you an easy, yet unique, sentimental and personal gift all at the click of a mouse! All of our birthstone jewellery is available for every birthday on our website @, so don’t feel like you’re missing out! And don’t forgot to add a personal touch!   Shauna Cook (Social Media Intern)