This week we had the pleasure of interviewing  blogger Callie Thorpe From Corners of The Curve. We are loving her here at ALOL HQ. This girl is simply everywhere at the moment, having recently been snapped up by Simply Be. Callie, along with a few other well known bloggers were asked to model the hottest festival looks from the Simply Be range. Her stand out style, inspirational writing and colourful choices make her really stand out from the crowd. Read our full interview with Callie below: How would you describe your style? I would say my style is very eclectic. I wear everything from trousers, to dresses, to play suits and skirts. I enjoy expressing my personality through what I wear and lately I have been very drawn to eye catching prints. What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe? My leather motto jacket, I think it is the perfect item for any wardrobe! They can be worn with anything and they can really add style and edge to an outfit. Mine is black but I plan on building a collection of different colours. What made you start blogging?  I actually started my blog as a diet diary. I spent a long time not feeling happy with the way I looked. I would wear a lot of black plain clothes with leggings and they were so boring and bland. Then one day after a few weeks of feeling really low about not losing weight I decided to delete that diet blog and create a fashion one. I vowed to stop being so harsh on myself and decided to start improving the way I looked at myself and my body by challenging myself to buy and wear more fashionable items. In doing so I felt so much happier and positive and I was able to help other girls who were struggling with their body image. What items can you not leave home without?   My iphone comes every where with me as that is how I keep up to date with all of my social media channels. My motto jackets because that goes with everything, and a good bright lipstick! Oh and my lovely boyfriend Dan. What would your key Anna Lou pieces be for the summer? Pastel is a big trend this summer so my key pieces would definitely be the pastel style luxe necklaces such as Aphrodite and Venus. They are so glam but in a subtle pretty way which is great for brightening up a plain tee or a dress. Here are some lovely images of the gorgeous Callie Thorpe from one of her most recent blog posts, wearing her Luxe Aphrodite Necklace: To see more of Callie's style choices click here to directed to her blog From The Corners Of The Curve Callie 12.6.14 (4) Callie_12thJune Callie 12.6.14 (5) To shop the Luxe collection online click here By Sophie Wilson
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