Chanel’s Pearls and Cycling Caps in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of the Parisian fashion house Coco Chanel, knows how to cause a stir when he puts on a show. At the beginning of the year the daring German designer brought together haute couture and street fashion when he transformed Paris’s Royal Palais into a supermarket and had his models – supposedly symbolizing the average woman on the street - wearing trainers and sauntering down the shopping aisles. Recently Lagerfeld has gone further by seemingly taking inspiration from the Tour de France and draping his show in cycling inspired attire and accoutrements. His models slinked down the catwalk – displaying, as per usual, the classic sultry French pout and classic je ne sais quoi of the French stereotype – wearing cycling caps studded with crystal and shorts laced in pearls. Indeed pearls were almost as much of a motif in the Chanel show as la vélo. Almost all the models were peppered in pearls to some extent, whether they were dangling around their necks, hanging from their ears, or embedded in brooches and can-grooved cuffs. Pearls in Vogue Far from being merely the accessory of choice for grannies and the Sloane Square set, pearls are undoubtedly back in vogue this season. There have been other shows such as that of Simone Rocha’s new collection that have been as equally decked as Lagerfeld’s with the shimmering stones. These pearls came in all shapes and sizes, decorating collars and sequenced into garments and handbags. Rocha – who has been known in the past to take inspiration from both her Chinese and Irish grandmothers – also implanted the little rocks into knee-high stocking and had them carving out slashes across her drop-wasted skirts. Want the look? You can get a pearl bracelet with gold initial letter from Anna Lou of London or real pearl earrings and necklaces from Mesenso. Pair Your Pearls Perfectly It cannot be emphasized enough that your accessories should match your style, and of course the right style for the right occasion. Pearls are a soft, delicate stone that can be paired with spring pastels as well as an elegant black dinner dress in the wintertime. The accessories for the right debut - who better to epitomise this than Adele? She inspired this post we published earlier about accessory style for plus size women. Whether it’s a large, bold statement or many smaller bracelets in a jumble on one wrist, the effect is still a powerful assertion of class, style and power that every fashion diva wants to make.
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