DIY: What to Do With Rings That Don't Fit

ANNA-SHOT4-580_web Of all of the jewellery problems we have, we all have a big one in common: we all have rings that just don’t fit! Whether it was a ring from your younger days that is now too small, or a ring you were gifted that is way too big, we’ve all had at least one that was ill-fitting. Now what can we do with these miscellaneous additions to our jewellery boxes? If you keep rings that don’t fit you, it obviously means that you love them. And you’re not going to want to keep an item that you love locked in jewellery box prison. The first option that comes to mind is to get the ring(s) sized. Send them off to the jeweller, wait a few days, and poof! You’ve got a perfectly fitting ring. But getting your ring sized is a) a hassle, b) expensive, and c) boring. Who wants to deal with having to send off a valuable item for a few days and have it come back (possibly) looking slightly different than before, not to mention all for quite a price? Here at Anna Lou, we have found the solution that solves all of your ring problems. What we are about to show you will allow you to wear the rings that you love while showing off a unique and original style, without having to worry about the hassle of getting your rings sized. This super fun method is (drumroll please)…. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Wearing your rings as a necklace!! This is an absolutely adorable do-it-yourself idea that will allow you to add a unique piece of jewellery to your wardrobe. All you need is a chain and your ill-fitting rings. If you have an extra chain lying around in your jewellery box, this is a great way to utilize it. A plain silver, gold, or rose gold chain will do just fine. Or if you’re the kind of person who likes to spice it up, try a fun coloured chain. 07 (2) (00000002) You can also add your rings to an existing necklace to create a truly original and unique piece. See how the ring adds some texture to this necklace? Cool, right? This is also a great way to rewear some pieces that are old or that you may be starting to get sick of. Adding your rings will transform your old jewellery and make them look like new! 30 You'll be the ultimate trend setter with your gorgeous new pieces. And these looks are so easy to create at no cost to you. When your friends ask you where you got that adorable necklace, you can say “(Insert your name here) Designs!”
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