Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend! If like me, you were already overloaded with Chocolate, you must be in serious need of an egg replacement. This may be just me trying to justify a shopping addiction. But there’s just too many cute seasonal bits that are too hard to resist.   The bunny kisses collection is great for kids when trying to make the family look festive, fun but presentable this Easter. All this aside, they’re just a super cute piece that your collection is dying to welcome with open arms. It’s always good when you can combine practicality, and adorableness so easily, right? You can keep your child's hair pinned back this Sunday whilst they chase each other round the garden fighting over who’s going to find the last egg you hid.   And if you want to go for a subtler look this Spring, we also have our Lucky Rabbit earrings, charm and necklace. Yes, Easter themed, but definitely cute enough to wear all year round, especially in Spring! You can also get a Lucky Rabbit in gold, silver and rose gold – gold is my fave choice for the rabbits.   A perfect egg replacement for this weekend, or just a nice little spring treat to add a little season back into your wardrobe. And don't forgot, we've got 25% off all weekend over at Anna Lou! Hope everyone’s enjoyed this little read and enjoy their Easter thoroughly! What’s everyone got planned for Bank Holiday? Lots of chocolate? Me too. You can find all the easter gifts you'll need on our website @ http://bit.ly/1qdYM5A   IMG_4703   Shauna Cook (Social Media Intern)
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