Friendship bracelets

Remember in the good old days when sharing a friendship bracelet with your best friend was the only way to share a special bond with your ''almost'' sister! Welcome into your life the new and improved iconic friendship bracelets; the bangles and personalised bracelets. bangles1p bracelet Why not wear gold, silver or rose gold matching bracelets with your best friend! My advice to achieve the perfect look would be to wear one of our engraved or monogram bracelets with your best friends initials layered with a few colourful bangles that you can change every day depending on your mood. Trust me you will never want to go back to the old friendship bracelet after proudly wearing the improved one! mono Why stop at only bracelets? Try our personalised necklaces, again you can either have your name engraved in gold, silver or rose gold or instead of your name you can wear your common favourite word with your best friend! That’s a unique necklace that you can add to your jewellery box. Have you seen our #nofilter necklace? Definitely the perfect friendship necklace to wear with your best friend on a picture that you can later post on Instagram with the cheeky hashtag #nofilter and #bestfriend. The possibilities are endless, be creative with your best friend and create your unique jewellery piece.   By Claudia Bussieres