Going Gold

Gold has always been a timeless jewellery finish. For the past few seasons, however, silver jewellery has been the trend. Yet we’ve noticed that gold is making a comeback. Gold is chic, trendy, and brings out that summer tan. Real gold is perfect to wear during the summer because it doesn’t tarnish. You can wear it to the beach, in the pool, playing sports…wear it anywhere and it will stay shiny and beautiful. Gold is also perfect for going out, especially when paired with a dark outfit (preferably black). Think of gold and black as the power couple; both colours are sophisticated, timeless, and currently trending. Gold and black can also carry over between seasons. It seems that the gold trend is going to stay for a while, so you can wear gold and black through the fall and winter as well. gold c This isn’t to say that gold jewellery is better than silver, because sometimes it’s not. Of course, if the gold jewellery isn’t real, it will tarnish just as quickly, if not more quickly, than silver. Silver jewellery also pairs well with black and looks nice with summer colours. But the current trend is gold, and gold is bold at the moment. Because the gold trend is relatively new, it can be difficult to switch to gold jewellery if you’ve been wearing silver for so long. The solution would be to go two-tone: pair gold and silver jewellery together. This is also an emerging trend, and is just as elegant and sophisticated as wearing all gold jewellery. Pairing two-tone jewellery with black, or pretty, summery outfits is great as well. choker   Needless to say, gold is the way to go this season. Try it out: whether you go two-tone or all-out gold, you're bound to look amazing.
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