How Victorian Antique Rings are Better than Modern Gold Rings

Victorian-style antique rings, big and ornate that they are, are among the most popular types of antique jewellery. It is one of the most sought after antique ring styles by many brides because its aesthetics just screams romantic and opulent. And who wouldn’t want to be spoiled with love? It certainly held true for Victorians as they were spoilt with an abundant selection of jewellery especially with Queen Victoria in the throne for six decades. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the Victorian rings became smaller and more intricate. This still doesn’t change the fact that all Victorian-style rings are the best among all eras. Despite the fact that diamonds started to gain more value in the 1870s and became a necessary gemstone in antique engagement rings, it would still remain the same that Victorian style rings use gold or rose gold as its choice metal. To help you learn more about Victorian style engagement rings, why not visit Kalmar Antiques? There’s an abundant selection of Victorian antique engagement rings in Kalmar Antiques online store and if you want, you can even set an appointment with the owner to discuss the kind of Victorian engagement ring you’d like to get. The Victorians liked the romantic allure of these two and would incorporate them together with colourful gemstones. Queen Victoria was especially fond of opals, but other popular gemstones would include sapphires, emeralds, garnets, rubies, turquoise, and amethysts. Rarely did they use large diamonds as the main gemstone but instead Victorian rings would feature gemstones and pearls surrounded by clusters of diamonds or just clusters or diamonds by themselves. You can also view their estate jewellery collection featuring antique, vintage, and other important pieces you might find interesting. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the jewellery as this might just help the staff find the best item for you. To give you a preview are some of the Victorian style of rings that Kalmar Antiques offers:
  1. Antique 5 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
 This ring features 5 antique cut diamonds that were all cut by hand and have a sparkle of romance to them that makes you reminiscent of a bygone era.  It was handmade in Birmingham in 1897 and is of 18ct yellow gold.
  1. 18ct Gold Antique Ruby and Diamond Ring
What makes this ring a standout is the tiny oval ruby in the middle which is highlighted by the four rose cut diamonds that surround it. It is made in 18ct yellow gold with each side featuring intricate scroll work which just brings out the bright colour of the ruby even more.
  1. Antique Beryl and Garnet Ring
 This ring from the 1860s looks stunning both on and off the finger with its exquisite garnet stone in the centre and yellow beryl on both of its sides. The light yellow shade of beryl with its hint of green really makes the colour of the garnet stone standout making it look regal and elegant.
  1. Antique Enamel Ring with Hinged Top
 This ring will make you take a second look with its rich blue enamel colour on top and the inside engraved with the words Crescens & Emily Robinson May 1869 in it. The top is hinged with a locket compartment underneath and is enveloped with hair which has been plaited around. It is made in 15ct gold in 1869 and has so many special features that make for a great conversation starter. Now that you have an idea of what Victorian era rings are, you are ready to check out and shop for this style of rings and choose one that fits you best. What do you think of Victorian-era rings? Let us know in the comments.