MOTHER'S DAY: Gift guide for New Mums

Becoming a mum is a joyful time, and more often than not filled with kind gifts and special visitors to make your new arrival feel as welcome as possible. And while all of this is cause for celebration, it's also unsurprising for new mums to feel exhausted and overwhelmed too. Mother's Day is the ideal opportunity for Mums to put their feet up and enjoy some much needed relaxation time, and new mums need it more than most after all of their hard work! Make a new mum in your life feel extra special this Mother's Day, with a beautiful gift to capture the celebratory spirit and put a smile on her weary face.

Child Charm Necklace - £47.50

Available in a choice of finishes to suit her personal taste, the child charm necklace is a special keepsake that can grow as the family does. Each charm can be tailored to the gender of your child, and can be engraved with their name to keep them close to your heart even when you have to be apart.

Baby Feet Necklace - £54

The baby feet necklace is a memorable way to celebrate a new arrival. With a choice of different coloured discs and chains, the pendant on this necklace features a teeny pair of baby feet and can be engraved with your precious new baby's name. Wear with pride!

No 1 Mummy necklace - £67.50

Becoming a mum can be testing - there's no manual on how to do it, and most of your motherly skills are the result of learning as you go along. The No 1 Mummy necklace is a sweet gift to a new mum that will hopefully keep spirits high and remind her of what a fabulous job she's doing! The elegant bar design makes for a classic look, and can be engraved with a 13 letter word or phrase of your choice.

By Charlea Glanville