Pearl Jewellery-The New Classic

Pearls: A Timeless Classic “Pearls are always appropriate”-Jackie O Pearls have been appropriated into everyday costume jewellery. This allows such an iconic gem to be recreated in a range of shapes and sizes and ensure they are accessible to all, not exclusively Queens and Kardashians. In my own collection I have pearls which were my Great Grandmother’s, which remain buried treasure hidden within the depths of the trinket box. For my eighteenth birthday I received a pair of pearl and silver studs which are placed near the brim of the box as they rarely leave my lobes. charlotte Switching allegiances, my SATC idol this week has to be the glamourous Charlotte York-Golden blatt, renowned for her classy and prim proper sense of style. With her penchant for pearl jewellery and effortlessly sophisticated dress-sense, she makes a true fashion icon. I watched a lot of SATC as a teenager, I owned about four seasons on video tape! (#90skid), which is perhaps where my pearl-obsession stems from as I always admired my name sake, Mrs Y-G! How-They-Wear-Pearls-Shopping-01a4564_3 With every decade, pearl jewellery is becoming edgier, more amplified and straying away from its traditional stereotype. I love how these celebrities are rocking their red carpet pearls. I feel like these pictures speak for themselves. We have stacking bangles sported by mega-babe Rihanna, who rocks the layering trend with ease. zoeeycatelupita   Zooey Deschanel is keeping it cute and classic and look at Cate Blanchett layering these stunning pearl strands. Whether you like oversized statement pearls or a daintier, delicate strand, there is a way to work pearls into your everyday ensemble. Or wear a pearl dress like the lovely Lupita Nyong’o. 3037_3

Pearl Initial

Needing further pearl-jewellery inspiration? Anna Lou has a range of beautiful faux-pearl jewellery which will still make you feel like a princess. The pearl letter bracelet (£18), featuring a gold initial of your choice, is easy to wear and adds glamour and elegance to any outfit. Pick out your pearls from Anna Lou of London with a variety of pieces to suit a variety of looks. Charlotte Letch  
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