Reasons to treat yourself this autumn

Autumn is here! New season, new look. An eye catching piece of jewellery will transform your wardrobe with ease. Well why fork out for an entire outfit? For example, the gorgeous Anna Lou of London monogram circle necklace, which will feature heavily on the blog from now on as I'm obsessed. This statement necklace plus knee high boots, tunic dress and faux fur gilet equals autumn fashion goals. DSC_0094-2 (1)

Monogram Circle Necklace

One necklace, no harm done. “Oh where did you get this?” “Why thank-you, Anna Lou, they have bracelets to match” SUBTLE HINT. The potential for upsell is there. Not to be presumptuous but you can pretty much guarantee where your next two Christmas and birthday presents will hail from. “I miss my cats”, “It was tough at the gym”, “I have lost 0.05 of a pound” Other totally credible excuses to treat myself to something from Anna Lou this month. Well why not? Let’s be realistic, it’s the final pay cheque where you can afford to do so before the annual Christmas shop commences. I like autumn but not going to lie, it is probably my least favourite season. I plan to work through this by pretending to have the budget of a footballer’s wife and by closing my eyes when I pay at the online checkout. Follow suite. Charlotte Letch