Rose gold a timeless colour!

Rose gold is an elegant and timeless colour to add to your jewellery collection. It's definitely a must-have to add to your jewellery collection, it adds a romantic feel and sophistication to any outfit. Not only does rose gold jewellery complement all skin tones it is also the perfect way to express your style with a new colour. If you are still not quite sure that the pink hues will be a good fit for you try a rose gold piece with one of your favourite silver or gold jewellery, I can guarantee a great result! For a unique wrist party wear one of our two tone bracelet rose gold with a few chevron pastel coloured bangles. two tonepst For a timeless chic look try our rose gold necklace layered with two different lengths of necklace either silver or gold. The result will be absolutely gorgeous! For a romantic look try our ever after necklace, with an engraved inscription reading ''Happily Ever After. Hand in Hand. Till Death Do Us Part.'' r The warm tones of rose will make your look feminine and sophisticated, but why should you be the only one to enjoy it? Offer to your best friend for her birthday or special occasion a lovely rose gold birthstone necklace. Your best friend can layer her gift with various jewellery pieces to make her look unique and stylish. birth By Claudia Bussieres  
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