Rose Gold Jewellery Obsession

Ever since the beginning of 2015, Pantones colour of the year, Rose Quartz hasn’t just been adding ‘= the right amount of colour’ into our wardrobe, but also piling up in my jewellery box like a rose gold mine. There’s something about the warm tone of copper that is Rose Gold, which has such an edge of femininity and youth to it. As someone who has always been scared of the colour pink, rose gold has helped me ease my way into this pink hued love affair, and like most love affairs, my love is only growing deeper, so I put together a little wish list on the Anna Lou of London site whilst daydreaming about all the possible styling options. Our Rose Gold Name Necklace adds just the rights amount of personality to an otherwise quite plain outfit. I’d pair this under my collar, and if it’s not cold enough to layer clothes that day – I’ll just layer my accessories. The name necklace next to our Woodland Necklace would look gorgeous together, and give an easy outfit and easy pick me up. It doesn’t stop there either, if you’re like me, you like one thing, you’re obsessed with it and have to have EVERYTHING to match. A couple of our Rose Gold Regal Rings stacked next to an Initial-Heart Ring (or two) would keep the theme running perfectly. And the great thing about our initial heart rings, is you can just keep adding, there are no limits with the amount of children, friends or loved ones you can have piling up on your hands (in reason). Most importantly, I think the great thing about my new fave colour, is that it’s not an investment in a whole new accessory collection – layering lengths, shapes and even shades works incredibly in rose gold’s favour – if anything, a little touch of sterling silver would work a dream. You can find all the rose gold jewellery on our website @   Shauna Cook (Social Media Intern)