Statement Necklaces: A Work of Art

There are so many ways to make a statement with your jewellery. We’ve already talked about stacking up bracelets, layering necklaces, rings, ear crawlers, and cuffs…But we haven’t yet talked about statement necklaces. Sometimes layering can be too much. Or maybe you don’t always feel like layering, or dealing with ear cuffs, etc. A statement necklace is the perfect solution. What is a statement necklace? Obviously, it's a bold, daring piece that adds strength and flare to your look. It can be a piece with geometric shapes, big jewels, lots of metal, etc. Anything thick or chunky that draws the eye in will make the perfect statement piece. Many runway looks currently feature outfits accessorized these big, bold necklaces. Often only small bracelets or rings will be featured with these looks, but more often nothing at all is added. Statement necklaces are great because they draw the eye straight to the centre of the outfit. The focus, obviously, is the piece itself. The outfit becomes a sort of backdrop to the piece. But it isn’t like the backdrop is never seen. In every work of art, your eye is first attracted to the main focus, and then it floats to what is going on in the background. So it makes your outfit a work of art, where the focus is the necklace, but the rest of the outfit is still seen and appreciated.