Fashion has time traveled back to the swinging 60's and has brought with it all that is groovy. Mod dresses and skirts accompanied by chunky necklaces, big hair and so much more are back! When it comes to the 60's and fashion, one word that comes to mind is FUN! There was room for creativity within fashion and everyone had their own original perk that could be seen through their outfit choices. From the classic Audrey Hepburn to Elizabeth Taylor with her wild yet beautiful style and of course the mod and chic Twiggy look! The 60's offered such a wide variety of fashion and still does. It’s wonderful to be able to bring back this iconic decade and to mix in a little bit of new age fashion. Designers are diving back into the 60's with their lines and we have no problem making that plunge as well. Models and celebs are engrossed within this subculture that is mod and they are all looking fab!
Lisa PerryNew York Fashion Week  Spring Summer 15 New York September 2014 celebrity style model rosie huntington whiteley in a Isabel Marant dress with aviators a caramel clutch and Chloe sandals
As we know, the decade of the 60's was not shy to accessorising, so now that it's back you'll need to stock up your jewellery box. Good thing Anna Lou of London has exactly what you'll need to get back on that groovy runway!
The Monochrome necklace - a great 60's look for any outfit!
These colourful Fan Bangles scream 60's!
This pair of Love at First Sight earrings add a little bit of mod to any style!
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McKenna Taylor
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