The ALOL girls have been talking today about how us ladies spend so much of our time getting style inspiration from others. Whether it be magazines, online or on the streets! It inspired us to pick some of our favourite jewellery street style looks. It wasn't easy; there is an abundance of well accessorised ladies across the globe. Jewellery really can transform any outfit and the ladies who we have selected all have such different styles but have equally rocked their looks with jewellery. The three ladies we have picked have also ticked off key trends for the season. From the top we have the statement necklace, a must have piece! Then onto the word necklace, which this stylish individual went for the word cool. I think we can agree she definitely is. Lastly gold, gold, gold! Styled beautifully with an array of colours for a very spring look. 54b1778c2e29cce2ca13b3bdcc1bfeef 32707828142e225ea90b1d46e342f3d2 db5e61faead4cf6e0bdadb31b8f5bf7b Here are the pieces from our collection which will help you nail these looks! Shop online now...   untitfkfk   By Ellis Johnstone