Kate Moss, an enduring face in the world of fashion, she has graced the catwalk ever since she was discovered in 1988 at the age of 14. A fashion chameleon, a style icon for over three decades Kate Moss constantly influenced the world of fashion and changed it forever. She has defied the rules of fashion and managed to escape being associated with just one era. Inspiring everyone, from high end designers, high street designers and us, she has become a legacy. Her personals style has adorned many fans, and as she once was quoted “I don’t follow a trend, I just have a thrown-together look people can relate too, not too ‘done.’” As proven by her collaboration with Topshop, where she designed her own collection; it sold millions of pounds within the first week. Effortlessly chic, everyone wants her style and everyone wants to know what she is wearing. She has rocked grunge, sophisticated, simplistic, glitzy… you name it, she’s not only modelled it, but owned it. A unique style, not influenced by trend is rare to find and Kate Moss pulls it off so well. 4206  

Engraved Balance Necklace available at £70.00

elastic crown

Crown Hair Elastic available at £18.00

By Hyejin Kwon