Style Tip: Layering

blog_london1 Close the door on less is more, because more is IN. If you’ve been keeping up, you’ve already seen how much we love layering bracelets. But you don’t have to limit your layering to just bracelets; stacking up your rings or piling up your necklaces will keep you chic as well. A great way to stay trendy is by layering a couple small pieces with a bigger one, or layering 3-4 small pieces together. What's really popular right now is layering three necklaces of descending length; the uppermost is the shortest, the middle necklace is of mid length, and the third necklace is the longest. Varying shape and size is totally edgy. If you want to experiment, try layering two-tone—pairing silver with gold or rose gold looks totally fab. shimmer in silver Now, granted, you don’t want to be too layered. What’s trendy is layering just necklaces, just bracelets, or just rings. Layering necklaces and bracelets, or bracelets and rings, or necklaces and rings works too. But sometimes having all three layered can be a bit much. Remember: you want to look edgy, not like you’re wearing the entire contents of your jewellery box. This is a trend you can carry through multiple seasons. Stay layered, ladies!
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