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Fashion in Film – Our favourite Jewellery Moments

Throughout the years, jewellery and fashion have always played a big part in the style of films and often play a defining part in so many successful movies. Whether as iconic props or memorable fashion moments sometimes the film itself can be identified purely by the iconic piece of jewellery. With that in mind we thought it would be fun to round up a few of our own favourite jewellery moments within films from both the past and present and challenge you to see if you can identify the classic movie simply by its defining piece of jewellery? Movie buffs get ready…
  1. Found at the bottom of the ocean and the only item of clothing to be drawn on a famous portrait, this large blue stone necklace uncovers the many secrets of a tragic love story aboard a famous boat.  What film are we talking about?
  2. A ruby and diamond necklace was presented to our favourite Julia Roberts character, but as she reaches for it the box snaps back on her fingers in an iconic scene that was originally intended for the outtakes reel. What’s the film?
  3. Every morning, wearing a long black dress, gloves and a diamond and pearl necklace, the main character in this film stares into her favourite jewellery shop while eating a croissant. What film are we describing?
  4. An iconic pop star turned actress for this key role, in which she epitomises 80s style in hairbands, scrunchies and layers of arm candy. Name that film?
The pic above might give you a bit of a clue on at least one!

How to Wear Anna Lou...

One of the most important things to us here at Anna Lou of London is creating jewellery our fans will love. Helping our customers find and create their perfect piece is what we aim to do every day and we love nothing more than seeing you rock your very own personalised necklace or engraved ring. So with that in mind we have started a brand new campaign, How to Wear Anna Lou, and we want all of you to join in. They say everyone has their own unique jewellery style and we want to see yours. Do you stack your arm candy as high as it will go? Do you keep it sophisticated in all black and white? Or do you love nothing more than colour clashing and print mixing? Whatever your style, show us how you wear it! The next time you wear your favourite piece of Anna Lou of London jewellery simply snap a quick pic and tag us on either Twitter or Instagram by mentioning @annalouoflondon and using the hashtag #howtowearannalou At the end of each month we will be rounding up our favourites to feature in a blog post AND one lucky snapper will win £50 to spend online! So what are you waiting for? Get snapping today!

Anna Lou Gets Personal Blogger Event...

A few weeks ago at Anna Lou HQ we held an exclusive blogger event for some of our favourite UK fashion and lifestyle bloggers, getting them involved in the design process and helping them create their very own piece of personalised jewellery. At Anna Lou of London we offer an unrivalled bespoke service allowing you to pick and choose how you would like your item to look, from the personal engraving right down to the length and style of the chain. We got personal with our bloggers over a few glasses of bubbly and some rather delish silver, gold and rose gold designed macaroons and found out exactly what they wanted from their bespoke piece. And what a creative bunch they were! Everyone chose something completely different and we had everything from fierce, girl power, Beyonce tributes to loved up lockets with partners names engraved. Each of the pieces were then handmade by Anna especially for the bloggers and in the below pics you can see just some of the ways they have been wearing them! Anna Lou Gets Personal EventThank you to all of the lovely bloggers who came along, Aisling, Adele, Amy, Ashley, Elodie, Kristabel, Lela, Lucie, Lucy, Natasha, Nathalie, Ngoni, Marin, Paula, Sherin, and do head over to their blogs to see more on the pieces they picked. You too can design your very own piece of bespoke jewellery which can be completely unique to you. To find out more take a look at our range of personalised products, put your creative head on and start designing!

The arrival of Royal Baby George!

It seems as if the nation has been waiting with bated breath for an eternity in anticipation of the arrival of the royal baby and finally the time has come and little baby Prince George is with us safe and well. A big congrats to Will & Kate on the birth of their first child, which is an exciting time for any couple, we can’t wait to see what a handsome Prince, George will grow into. While Kate was the subject of many a maternity style column, we are sure that George will now also feature highly in any baby name ranks and childrenswear inspiration and here at Anna Lou of London we can’t help but join in the fun. All this talk of babies has got us thinking about the perfect Christening gifts and what to buy for both mother and baby during this special time. Traditionally giving a christening or baptism gift was a way of wishing a child a good start in life so people would offer a small monetary gift or a present of value in order to invest in a child’s future. During the Tudor era, the idea of silver was introduced and it became customary to give a child a silver apostle spoon, which is where the term ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ was first derived. By the Victorian era, presents had varied slightly but were still supposed to show value and investment so by then the tradition of Sterling Silver presents had evolved. Nowadays things have changed a little and people tend to give meaningful gifts which a child can keep forever or more practical gifts which parents may enjoy but the old tradition of sterling silver is still very much in favour. And why not? A sterling Silver gift needn't be overly expensive but shows meaning to the family and is something which can be treasured and won’t date as the child grows up. It may not be customary but we think it’s also a rather nice touch getting a little something for Mum at the same time, seeing as she has done all of the hard work! So why not consider matching sterling silver charm gifts for both mum and baby. At Anna Lou of London we have a huge selection of christening gift options which can be personalised with names or dates, necklaces for mum which can be adorned with baby’s initials or matching charms for both which can be added to any number of chains, necklaces or bracelets. So if you are celebrating, like Will and Kate, the arrival of a newborn in the family, why not wish them a good start and invest in their future with a traditional Sterling Silver gift?

Anna Lou of London at Treasure London

This month we took part in the prestigious jewellery showcase event, Treasure London. Based at Somerset House as part of Jewellery Week (like fashion week but dedicated entirely to jewellery)we were delighted to be one of the chosen brands taking part in this four day event and were alongside other jewellery favourites such as Bill Skinner and Alice Mentor. As the largest public event at Jewellery week, being part of Treasure really is somewhat of an honour. Not only is it a unique space in which to showcase new designs to press, public and industry insiders but it also doubles up as a fun shopping event where members of the public can have the chance to meet with the designers they admire, see new collections first hand and get their hands on brand new products ahead of their launch into stores. We love nothing more than meeting our fans and customers at Anna Lou so were delighted to be able to spend time having a proper natter with those who came along. The event kicked off with a sophisticated drinks reception evening on the Thursday which was a late night opening exclusively for press and guests of the brands. After a full day of setting up our space it was lovely to be able to relax with a glass of champagne and get chatting to some of the other exhibitors and the press who came along. Set over two floors and endless corridors within the west wing of Somerset House, Treasure was home to over 100 different jewellery designers and exhibitors from all over the UK and Europe and with every brand being so diverse, you could be sure that there was something for everyone there. As well as browsing the brands, the event also had inspirational talks from some of the industries new jewellery stars, on hand consultants ready to offer fashion and style advice to those who needed it and a relaxing café and consultation room where you could take some time out in between getting lost amongst all of the stands. [gallery columns="4" ids="1630,1625,1627,1631,1632,1633,1634,1629"] I was really privileged to be part of such a successful event and wanted to share some of the snaps from the week with you. A big thank you to those who came along and if you want to read more about the event or start thinking about next year, then take a look at the Treasure website here. We will be keeping you updated on all of the shows and exhibitions we take part in through the blog so do keep an eye out for news on forthcoming events.