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Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend! If like me, you were already overloaded with Chocolate, you must be in serious need of an egg replacement. This may be just me trying to justify a shopping addiction. But there’s just too many cute seasonal bits that are too hard to resist.   The bunny kisses collection is great for kids when trying to make the family look festive, fun but presentable this Easter. All this aside, they’re just a super cute piece that your collection is dying to welcome with open arms. It’s always good when you can combine practicality, and adorableness so easily, right? You can keep your child's hair pinned back this Sunday whilst they chase each other round the garden fighting over who’s going to find the last egg you hid.   And if you want to go for a subtler look this Spring, we also have our Lucky Rabbit earrings, charm and necklace. Yes, Easter themed, but definitely cute enough to wear all year round, especially in Spring! You can also get a Lucky Rabbit in gold, silver and rose gold – gold is my fave choice for the rabbits.   A perfect egg replacement for this weekend, or just a nice little spring treat to add a little season back into your wardrobe. And don't forgot, we've got 25% off all weekend over at Anna Lou! Hope everyone’s enjoyed this little read and enjoy their Easter thoroughly! What’s everyone got planned for Bank Holiday? Lots of chocolate? Me too. You can find all the easter gifts you'll need on our website @   IMG_4703   Shauna Cook (Social Media Intern)

How to Throw a Great Anna Lou of London Party

Morning everyone! Hope everyone’s week is going well! But, if you are struggling to make it to Friday in one piece this week – how about planning ahead and start thinking about your very own Anna Lou of London shopping party? The shopping party is great way to get money off Anna Lou of London items and introduce friends to the brand for extra perks!   On the night of the event, you will receive a £25 voucher to spend online, as well as further discounts depending on what your friends spend. If you’re guests spend between £100-£799, you will get 10% of that figure, credited on your account… and if they spend £800+ the you will get 15% of that figure. So, say you collect £800 on the night of your do, that means you’ll get £120 credit, on top of your original £25 off voucher! And all you need to do is host a party! Pretty great right?   Anyways, to make the night a memorable one, here are my top 5 tips on hosting an Anna Lou Party to remember.  
  1. Drinks! But not too many! Keep it at a merry level so your pals can still stand to shop! Have a few cocktails in the same room as the jewellery to give them as much shopping time as poss!
  2. Cool cocktails! Give the girls something to Instagram! Whether it’s an attempt at an Espresso Martini or an easy breezy Sex on the Beach.
  3. Sweet set up! Another great Instagram opportunity! Lay the jewellery out all pretty on tea pots, mugs and plates – easy, pretty and fabulously British!
  4. Keep things entertaining! Put your ‘Girls Night’ playlist on Spotify and gush over Beyonce’s new song! Will fill all the silences whilst they look at the accessories!
  5. Lastly: Have fun! Don’t worry too much about selling, if you follow the previous steps, the selling part will just happen!
Hope you enjoyed this little post and are now feeling inspired mid week!  You can follow the link to the website for more info, or get in touch with me at any time if you need a hand. Enjoy the party planning! unnamed Shauna Cook (Social Media Intern)

5 Facts About Buying Diamond Jewellery Your Engaged Friends Are Not Telling You

You want to buy the perfect diamond ring for your engagement but something is missing. You are unsure of where to go, what some of the common mistakes are when buying diamond rings, and more importantly, you’re unaware of how to spot the perfect one.   Many thoughts can be rushing around your head making you uncertain about a purchasing decision. This is not unusual. Buying diamond jewellery is normally a big investment and especially when it’s going to be the ring you will propose with.   Your friends have gotten engaged, been through the whole process yet there are some things they are just not telling you. Frustrating huh? Well, that’s why we have written this article. To guide you through the essential things you need to know when buying diamonds so you don’t fall down the common pitfalls.  
  • Start by going to a reputable, certified retailer
  Where you go is a huge part of the success of your final purchase. If you want to find the best certified diamonds collection, some research is required on your part. This means scanning the websites or stores for certifications, any reviews or testimonials and finding out how long they have been in the business for. Simon West Jewellery offers a stunning diamond collection that is not only immaculately designed but that are fully certified.  
  • Learn more about the Cut of diamonds
  This aspect is a tricky one as it’s often harder to spot than the clarity and colour of a diamond. This means you will have to be aware of what makes a diamond well cut in the first place. If you go somewhere and they present to you multiple cuts at once and one stands out, it doesn’t necessarily mean the cut is brilliant. Out of the current choice you are shown, however, it may be the winner. You need to stay away from poorly cut diamonds that carries the weight in depth (hidden) compared to width.  
  • Be wary of the wrong jeweller
  Some jewellers can inflate the grades they give their diamonds. As an unsuspecting customer, you may be unaware of this and walk away with something that should have cost less. It is safe to say you should not buy a diamond if its $2,000 or more unless it is loose and can be properly evaluated.   If you want to check the site of a reputable and verified retailer, go to Simon West. You can view and select from their gorgeous range of diamonds and be sure to find a brilliant choice for your special woman.  
  • Get clued up about the essential 4 C’s
  This is commonplace in Jewellers talk. It is everything that adds up to the final price of your diamond jewellery which is why it is essential to know this stuff. The three C’s consist of: carat (weight), colour (the less colour the higher the value), clarity (how flawed it is) and the cut (shape) of a diamond. Knowing these elements will help you make an informed decision about what you are buying instead of jumping in the deep end without knowing how to swim.  
  • Think about buying a loose diamond
  As we mentioned earlier, it can be much easier to inspect the value in its entirety when the diamond is loose. This just means you can place it in a setting later and it even makes your engagement ring easier to customise.   Hopefully, you now have some facts and tips about buying diamond jewellery responsibly so you can have confidence in your purchase.

3 Top Tips for a Successful Christmas Stall

Here's my Top Tips for running a Successful Christmas Stall. With all the Christmas fairs and stalls wrapped up for Winter, it’s not quite time to put our feet up. There’s still plenty of orders to pack in the countdown to Christmas. IMG-20151113-WA0000 IMG-20151113-WA0002

Our display at Open Studios

However this Christmas season has been jam packed with fairs, fêtes and festive stalls. Starting this season as a stall novice I spent a great deal of time researching lighting, props, tables and top tips for a successful Christmas stall. Here’s some top tips to ensure the running of the stall goes to plan: Ikea.Ikea.Ikea. I can’t stress how fantastic Ikea is for tables, Christmas decorations and battery powered lighting. The table (such as the Linnmon/Adils) comes with legs which can be unscrewed ensuring the tables can be easily thrown into the back of car and assembled with ease on site. Plus they’re super lightweight and come in several colours. Battery powered lighting is super important considering you’re more than likely going to be at a venue with zero access to electricity. It was tricky finding appropriate lighting that struck the balance between decorative and practical. I managed to find a rose gold star that added to the festive vibes of the stall. Argos and Maplin also stock a range of high voltage battery powered lights. Candles add a nice and atmospheric touch. Decorations. This is the fun part. Ikea had a gorgeous range of affordable decorations which drew in lots of compliments. Surprisingly, Waitrose had a festive selection of tablecloths decorated with tiny metallic stars which really complimented the jewellery. Also don’t forget to purchase a miniature tree for the stall which can be used to hang decorations and adds to the overall Christmas spirit. Extra tips. Don’t forget to bring a chair to ensure your legs don’t get too sore/ you’re not left perched on part of your display. Stock up on hot chocolate/mulled wine/hot beverage of your choice and don’t forget to smile, it really welcomes guests over to your stall. Make sure you’ve got your packaging sorted and bring order forms in case you get commissions on site. Hopefully these top tips for a successful Christmas stall have put you in a festive mood and have provided some inspiration for next Christmas. Have fun!

Unique Birthstone Jewellery from Anna Lou of London

What to buy for the Niece who has everything? Your Bestie who is impossible to buy for. Or the Aunt who rarely wears any jewellery? New Year, new jewellery.  This sparkling gem of a necklace belongs under their tree. Add one or several to your basket now. initial_rose

Rose Gold Birthstone Necklace £38

One of the Birthstone initial necklaces from Anna Lou of London is a simple solution. A perfect personalised gift suitable for everyone on your nice list. The unique birthstone jewellery can be plated with rose or yellow gold or left with a sterling silver finish. There’s the ability to choose from five lengths of chain to allow the necklace to fit a child, teenager and adult. heart_charm_N_rosewing_gold

Angel Wing Birthstone necklace

These unique Birthstone pendants are the perfect way to add a pop of colour to an everyday outfit and the small crystals convey just the right amount of sparkle. They make a lovely gift for someone seeking an everyday necklace or for the person who prefers subtle jewellery that makes a statement. Personalise these delicate necklaces with the initial disc, which can be inscribed with any letter and a colourful birthstone available in every month of the year. Additional charms can be added to the customised creation, such as an anchor (for all you mermaids) angel wing (a lovely gift for one of your little angels) or love heart which adds a sentimental touch. Their brand new unique birthstone jewellery can be worn with their Christmas outfits and will get a lot of wear in the New Year. They also make fantastic Bridesmaids gifts and birthday presents, so not just for Christmas! Order before December 10th to ensure that their new necklace will be under their tree before the 25th as all the personalised Anna Lou of London jewellery can take 10-14 days to create and deliver.

How Victorian Antique Rings are Better than Modern Gold Rings

Victorian-style antique rings, big and ornate that they are, are among the most popular types of antique jewellery. It is one of the most sought after antique ring styles by many brides because its aesthetics just screams romantic and opulent. And who wouldn’t want to be spoiled with love? It certainly held true for Victorians as they were spoilt with an abundant selection of jewellery especially with Queen Victoria in the throne for six decades. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the Victorian rings became smaller and more intricate. This still doesn’t change the fact that all Victorian-style rings are the best among all eras. Despite the fact that diamonds started to gain more value in the 1870s and became a necessary gemstone in antique engagement rings, it would still remain the same that Victorian style rings use gold or rose gold as its choice metal. To help you learn more about Victorian style engagement rings, why not visit Kalmar Antiques? There’s an abundant selection of Victorian antique engagement rings in Kalmar Antiques online store and if you want, you can even set an appointment with the owner to discuss the kind of Victorian engagement ring you’d like to get. The Victorians liked the romantic allure of these two and would incorporate them together with colourful gemstones. Queen Victoria was especially fond of opals, but other popular gemstones would include sapphires, emeralds, garnets, rubies, turquoise, and amethysts. Rarely did they use large diamonds as the main gemstone but instead Victorian rings would feature gemstones and pearls surrounded by clusters of diamonds or just clusters or diamonds by themselves. You can also view their estate jewellery collection featuring antique, vintage, and other important pieces you might find interesting. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the jewellery as this might just help the staff find the best item for you. To give you a preview are some of the Victorian style of rings that Kalmar Antiques offers:
  1. Antique 5 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
 This ring features 5 antique cut diamonds that were all cut by hand and have a sparkle of romance to them that makes you reminiscent of a bygone era.  It was handmade in Birmingham in 1897 and is of 18ct yellow gold.
  1. 18ct Gold Antique Ruby and Diamond Ring
What makes this ring a standout is the tiny oval ruby in the middle which is highlighted by the four rose cut diamonds that surround it. It is made in 18ct yellow gold with each side featuring intricate scroll work which just brings out the bright colour of the ruby even more.
  1. Antique Beryl and Garnet Ring
 This ring from the 1860s looks stunning both on and off the finger with its exquisite garnet stone in the centre and yellow beryl on both of its sides. The light yellow shade of beryl with its hint of green really makes the colour of the garnet stone standout making it look regal and elegant.
  1. Antique Enamel Ring with Hinged Top
 This ring will make you take a second look with its rich blue enamel colour on top and the inside engraved with the words Crescens & Emily Robinson May 1869 in it. The top is hinged with a locket compartment underneath and is enveloped with hair which has been plaited around. It is made in 15ct gold in 1869 and has so many special features that make for a great conversation starter. Now that you have an idea of what Victorian era rings are, you are ready to check out and shop for this style of rings and choose one that fits you best. What do you think of Victorian-era rings? Let us know in the comments.

Vivid colour block jewellery

Stay one step ahead of the SS16 trend by donning some bright techni-coloured statement designs from Anna Lou of London. Never has colour-block jewellery looked so chic. The vivid colour block trend is going to be huge next spring, think bright primary colours contrasted with black. Cubist-inspired block shapes layered head to toe and vivid colours contrasted with vibrant prints. A Picasso painting epitomised in fabric form. vivd colour

Colour block trend featured in Marie Claire 

star_group green fan bangle

Starburst Bangle  Fan Bangle

Channel the vivid colour trend through your jewellery and accessories. Layer several of the Anna Lou of London chevron bangles on each wrist to pay homage to this fun and playful trend. Mix and match contrasting colours or mix with black and white bangles for a twist on the colour-block trend. To really rock this look throw in a couple of the fan and triangle acrylic bangles to experiment with materials and texture. 02achevron_ring_lightblue   For a marginally more wearable approach opt for a statement necklace in a bright and punchy shade. Layer several of these necklaces over a black or white dress and team with other colourful jewellery, such as the checkerboard bangle. Next year a chevron ring will be hitting Anna Lou HQ…here’s a sneak peak! Chevron-neon orangeChevron-pink

Chevron Bangle

You have to admire the attention to detail and bold-ness of this new and striking trend. It’ll be exciting to see how this diffuses into the British high street next season. Until then get your colour fix with these eye-catching vivid colour block pieces that can be yours truly at the click of a button. Can’t wait till next year? Treat yourself and your loved ones to one or several stacking bangles that look great layered on the wrists. With so many colours and styles of enamel bangle to choose from there’s bound to be one that belongs under your Christmas tree. Take your pick and have your take on the vivid colour block trend.

Where to find 5 Charms they need on their bracelet; Christmas gift guides from Anna Lou of London

One of the most iconic pieces of jewellery in the modern day trinket box has to be the charm bracelet. A collective of charms attached to an elegant chain which document our experiences, express our personal style and remind us of our loved ones. A charm can be bought for landmark occasions such as a graduation present, for a special birthday or bought on holiday to remind you of your passion for travel and ever growing wanderlust.Charms remind you of experiences and loved ones. image7 This Christmas why not treat someone special to a dainty and quintessentially British charm bracelet. To remind them of the capital city, whether they’re visiting the country, new to the big smoke or a patriotic local, Anna Lou of London has released 5 Charms they need on their bracelet. A brew will see you through Teapot-The nation’s favourite (non-alcoholic) beverage. Whether you’re an English breakfast, earl grey or green tea fanatic, this charm is the one. Super-cute and inscribed with “A brew will see you though”. One for the caffeine lovers. Pair with cake. Phone box-One of the most common street landmarks you'll witness strolling around central London. They have made phone-boxes into Christmas decorations (go to Liberty, I kid you not), light-shades and money boxes. And now you can own a miniature one that clips perfectly on to a charm bracelet. Taxi-London is not London minus red double decker buses and black cabs. Own one of these charms before the Uber generation takes off. Never has public transport looked so chic. cloud_silv Cloud-It’s typical British weather innit?! Well every cloud has to have a silver lining. Add this fluffy little cloud to brighten up your day and your outfit. You are the icing on my cupcake Cupcake-London is full of gorgeous delicatessens filled with cupcakes, macarons, biscuits and other treats to make your mouth water. An apt and cute little piece of jewellery that looks great paired with the teapot charm from Anna Lou of London. Etched with “You are the icing on my cupcake” this cupcake is the perfect sweet treat to gift to a loved one this Christmas. Probably my favourite out of the 5 Charms they need on their bracelet. Mix and match from Anna Lou of London’s stunning range of rose/yellow gold (plated) and sterling silver charms. Including a lucky star, hamsa hand, inspirational rabbit and child charms which can be inscribed with different names if required. It’s too tricky to choose which charms to add to their dream bracelet this Christmas. However I think the London souvenir charms are definitely the 5 Charms they need on their bracelet. They're a unique and dainty memento of the iconic capital city and remind you why London is unalike anywhere else in the world. Charlotte Letch  

Where to find Sterling Silver monogram jewellery

Are you seeking a unique gift that will impress a loved one? An iconic present you can’t find on the high street. Have a peek at the patriotic collection of sterling silver monogram jewellery from Anna Lou of London, an opulent collection which combines intricately engraved initials with bespoke sterling silver craftsmanship. monogram locekt necklace Monogram Locket £85 Choose from the elaborate statement monogram ring, a firm favourite out of the sterling silver monogram jewellery collection. Select your loved ones initials or your own letters to have engraved into this beautiful ring. The letters are inscripted using an illustrative script font that adds a regal edge. Remember to double check your loved one’s ring size as these gorgeous rings are all made to order and are available in a range of styles suiting a child up to an adult. Not sure of their ring size? How about a monogram necklace, available in a disc style or alternatively as stand-alone initials. Check out the selection of sterling silver monogram jewellery on the Anna Lou of London website. These lovely letters are suspended from a high quality faceted ball chain, choose which length you would like to truly customise this winning design. monogramMonogram Disc £38 Bracelets are big this Christmas. The monogram initial bracelet has become a bestseller this festive season. Constructed from sterling silver this dainty bracelet is a popular item from the sterling silver monogram jewellery collection. It'll be a subtle addition to the jewellery box of someone special and can be plated with a gorgeous rose or yellow gold finish. Lastly but certainly not least, there's the monogram locket, a romantic locket which can open to conceal a precious photo or memento. A high-quality heart shaped locket which can be delicately engraved with initials or a monogram. Anna Lou of London offers free engraving and an express delivery service ensuring that Santa will be able to deliver these gorgeous gifts in a timely manner. Charlotte Letch

Style Icons: Queen Elsa & Christmas party jewels

Frozen has to be one of my all-time favourite Christmas films. Predominantly thanks to feisty protagonist Elsa, who steals the crown for most coveted Disney princess ever? Her rebellious and determined character, plus Idina Menzel’s jaw-dropping vocals make her a force to be reckoned with. But can we take a moment to admire the frosty female’s stunning wardrobe. Her icy locks tied into an effortless fishtail, smoky eyes to die for and a blue and silver gown which hangs from the body in drapes. If only I could conjure myself such a garment. Nevertheless Elsa’s look is achievable. If you want to look like an ice queen and rock the Christmas party, then please, read on. image1xxlimage1xxl (1)7624387 The dress is the tricky part. However I found this beauty on Asos. Not quite Elsa’s dress (and not quite blue) but a close second. Pair with a lace body like this one from Scottish brand Bebaroque if you want to copy the queen’s sparkly sleeves! Some crystal shoes are a must have. The sky-scraper higher the better. All you need now are some ice gems to complete your look to ensure you're ready for the ball. Anna Lou of London’s crystal bow hair slide is the perfect bejewelled fastener to finish your fishtail. Add this shooting star necklace from ALOL and voila! You’re all set. There can never be too many jewels in a Christmas party outfit. Now that you have your Christmas party jewels; your sledge awaits! Oh and of course an Olaf to escort you!! For extra added Elsa paint your talons with a sparkly blue shimmer and spray your hair with glitter spray! Melt hearts not ice caps with this cute ensemble courtesy of Queen E! She may be fictional but you can’t deny her glamourous sense of style is ice cool. Charlotte Letch