Three Steps to the Nautical Trend...

Every season without fail a different version of the nautical trend re-appears in time for Summer. Whether its Breton stripes or deck shoes, anchor necklaces or off the shoulder cardies, you can be sure that donning your best sailor girl outfit will be a must at some point throughout the sunny months. So what if the nearest you get to a yacht is the ferry from Dover to Calais and the only sailing you know how to do is the virtual type on your Wii? Well don’t despair as even if you don’t have true sea legs you can still look the part by adopting a few key accessory rules, taking the nautical trend firmly into your everyday style for that ‘just stepped off a yacht dahling’ look. These are our top tips to achieving the perfect sea-fayring fashion;
  1. Don a chic headscarf – any true sailor knows that those sea winds can play havoc with even the easiest of hairstyles so to avoid a Bridget Jones windswept look and keep knots at bay (no pun intended), it’s best to keep it covered. For inspiration look to ever classic beauty Audrey Hepburn and 60s siren Bridgette Bardot, who both showed just how effortlessly chic wearing a scarf over the head could be.
  2. Stick to the Classics – It sounds obvious but when looking to channel some nautical vibes stick to the classic colours and prints. You don’t necessarily need to go head to toe (in fact it may be best not to) but a little accent of those key red, white and blue colourways will give just the right hint of Summer vacation. A classic Breton strip tee will never go amiss and you can always pair it with jeans, boots and some chunky jewellery if your version of nautical still needs a city edge. How about adding a hint of colour through your bracelets, hair accessories or even shoes?
  3. Anchors away – If you are looking for a really simple way to add a touch of the nautical to an otherwise grounded city outfit, there is no better way than with an anchor. The ultimate sailing icon, anchor charms are more popular than ever right now and can be as subtle or as outlandish as you choose. You will see them adorn boating shoes, stitched into blazers or emblazoned on t-shirts but for a version of the symbol that won’t go out of fashion, why not go for an anchor charm on a necklace or bracelet? At Anna Lou of London you can even get them engraved with your message!
So there you have it, with these three tricks you will be sailing into the sunset before you know it. And whether that’s in real life or on the Wii at least you know you look the part!
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