What to Wear to the Ascot Races

Another chapter in Jessica’s fabulous British adventures: the Ascot races! Horse racing in America is so not the same as it is here in England. In England it’s about the fun of betting on your favourite horse, being with your friends, good food, and most of all, dressing your best. In America horse racing is not as popular, and it’s more about the gambling than anything else. Ascot was a beautiful place—so clean and gorgeous in the bright, sunny weather. It was a little cold and windy, but everyone was having such a great time that it didn’t matter. Watching the races was such a rush. I didn’t really know which horse to cheer for, but it was exciting to cheer nonetheless. The best part, for me at least, was the fashion. I loved how everyone had to dress formally; formal dress makes everyone look pretty and feel confident. And the hats! My friends and I got to be posh Brits part two with our crazy hats! No two hats at Ascot were the same. It was so interesting to see what everyone wore. If there was one thing I wish I knew about Ascot, it’s that it’s all about the hat when it comes to dressing. You want your hat to stand out, rather than your outfit. Me being a silly American, I wore a bright orange dress and searched for a hat until the last minute because I could find nothing that matched. The worst part was that my outfit was quite dull because I did not wear jewellery. It is a little difficult to accessorise when you’re trying to let your hat stand out. That’s why small, delicate jewellery is the way to go. Anna Lou charm necklaces are the perfect fit. The chains are delicate and thin, and the charms aren’t too big. Here are a few that I thought would look great with an Ascot outfit: The clover charm is really pretty. And you never know if the horse you bet on is going to win, so you might need the clover for a little luck! original_lucky-horseshoe-necklace The lucky horseshoe is also a great piece. Like the clover, it’s lucky. And the horseshoe keeps it in the spirit of Ascot. The merry-go-round charm is super fun. It’s not as delicate as the others, but it will definitely add a fun flare to your outfit, not to mention it shows the Ascot spirit! Dressing for Ascot can be a stressful time, I know! But it’s so worth it. When you look fabulous, are with your friends, and are cheering loudly during a race, how can you not have a good time? If there are any other Americans out there, Ascot is an experience I highly recommend! By Jessica Kaplan Press Intern at Anna Lou of London