Mummy and Me

 Mummy and Me Collection-Jewellery For Mums and Daughters

Jewellery for mums and daughters is the special way to celebrate the love and eternal bond between them. You must have seen many mums and daughters who like to wear the same jewellery together, showing how close they are to each other. It has been seen that most daughters have similar choice for jewellery as their mothers and if you look at our collection, you would clearly tell this is “Mummy and Me Collection”. The relation between a mother and a daughter can be best portrayed by special jewellery made for mums and daughters. Such jewellery also makes the most unique and memorable gift, for the mother and daughter alike.

For the new mums, the jewellery that we make for their newly born baby girls, is of special significance since with it all the memories get associated for the life time. The birth of a daughter is one of the most special moments in a life of a mother and jewellery for mums and daughters is the best way to celebrate this special day. Such jewellery can be worn every day, sharing the mum’s story about her daughter. The idea of “Mummy and Me collection” is getting popular and that’s why we find a wide range of personalised necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings all dedicated to the mothers and daughters. Especially, the moms will find a broad array of the personalized jewellery that’s right for her daughter. The jewellery for the mothers and daughters is not a trendy item, it’s a reflection of the purest feelings.  
As far as materials are concerned for the jewellery for mothers and daughters, we have a lot of choices, and the best ones include yellow and rose gold, silver, coloured gemstones, and stainless steel. These are some of the best jewellery items for mothers and daughters that should be a part of every “Mummy & Me jewellery collection”.

1. Engraved Heart Charm 
Won’t you and your daughter love to wear the engraving of your intials of you both? And what if it’s engraved with the initials of your names? Isn’t it amazing that a necklace could solely belong to you and your daughter? The Engraved heart charms, made with silver, gold or rose gold, is the most classic and unique choice for the jewellery for mothers and daughters. You can use any material other than silver; however, silver is recommended due to its simplicity and light weightiness.

 2. “Always my mother, always my friend” engraved pendant necklace
The engraved pendant necklaces will never go out of fashion, in fact, these turn out to be one of the best accessories to add to your “Mummy & Me collection”. Such pendants are engraved with a short line or message about the mother and the daughter, showing their unique bond and eternal love. These pendants are unique and usually both mother and the daughter like to wear such accessories at the same time. If you are looking for a matching necklace keepsake gift set, the engraved, personalised pendant necklace for the mothers and daughters makes an exceptional option.