Find Your Sparkle!


A 4 Week Private Coaching Program with Custom Jewellery Design

Have you been through a rough patch and you’re ready to get your sparkle back and shine?✨ 

Are you excited for a fresh start and want to treat yourself to a special item of jewellery to mark a new exciting chapter?

Are you in need of some tender loving care and ready to welcome in extra support to get clear on what you REALLY want and need from life moving forward?

Are you ready to step into a new phase where you choose to love yourself and your life more than ever before? 

Hey, I’m Anna Lou, a world-renowned jewellery designer, empowerment coach and founder of the global brand Anna Lou of London. To say that I’ve been through a LOT of ups and downs over the past few years would be an understatement! I went from the height of my career, making millions, with celebrities all over the world wearing my jewellery in cities like Paris, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo, to falling to my knees in an abusive relationship. 

I’m now up to over 40 court cases into the divorce case with my narcissistic ex-husband and I’ve had to learn to pick myself up over and over again, to keep going for my kids, and to stay committed to my vision to bring joy, compassion and self-acceptance to others through my creative endeavours; my jewellery company, my upcoming TV show and now my coaching practice where I help others to get their sparkle back! 

Creating ritual jewellery pieces has been one way that I love to mark a new chapter, refocus, and bring a sense of hope and positivity as I courageously keep going to build my dreams in life. 

I’m so excited to share this very special unique offer with you, to support you to get clear on what’s most exciting for you to focus on in this next chapter of life, and to mark it with a special piece of custom jewellery that you can wear every day to remind yourself that you never really lost your sparkle, even if you forgot about it for a moment there! 

I’ve put together the coaching practices that helped me the most when I’ve had a bad day (or week, or month or year!) which I’ll use to help you get so clear on the parts of you that you love the most, so you can bring them forward in your daily life, no matter what each day brings. 

When we feel confident and in love with who we are, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

The 4 Week Private Virtual Coaching Programme

  • Features:
    • Weekly 1-hour individual  virtual coaching sessions focused on rediscovering personal creativity and energy.
    • Introduction to the basics of using creativity and jewellery to enhance self-esteem and personal identity.
    • Introduction to the Violet Light Technique- a daily visualisation practice for positivity and clearing negative energy.
    • I will focus on helping you so can step into the next level of beauty and self expression, strength and resilience in a joyful ways and ground ways . I’m going to share with you the most potent and powerful tools and techniques and guided exercises to cultivate a habit of gratitude, enhancing mental wellness and self-appreciation.
    • Access to a private community of like-minded individuals for support and inspiration.
    • Weekly creative prompts and exercises designed to help you to explore your unique sparkle.
  • Outcome: you will have a foundational understanding of your creative identity, boosted by techniques to maintain positivity and gratitude, leading to a renewed sense of energy and confidence.
  • Bonus: Affirmation name/word necklace of your choice made in silver ( value £75) you can wear as a daily reminder of your one word to drive you forward. 
  • Add on: Custom Jewellery Design Session 1hr to commemorate your journey and step into a new chapter with a piece of jewellery made from silver and a gemstone that symbolises your growth £250
  • Investment: £800

If you’re ready to rediscover your sparkle and want to find out more in detail about what we will cover on the course please  book a call with me:



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