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Solid Gold

Solid Gold Jewellery Personalised and Made in the UK

Solid gold is the original bling that will never go out of fashion. The reason why most people prefer solid gold jewellery personalised and made in the UK, is that it is in its natural state. When it comes to the highest quality solid gold jewellery, the UK rises as the best destination to buy. Aside from having the purest solid gold jewellery, the extent of personalisation seen in the jewellery is extraordinary. If you are buying solid gold jewellery personalised and made in the UK, you have the complete accessory. You don’t have to pair it up with alternative metals or jewellery to have an oomph factor in your attire. The solid gold jewellery made in the UK exhibits the highest form of precision and personalisation. Whether you want to have engraved jewellery, keepsakes, or necklaces made up of your name in gold, the solid gold jewellery personalised collections in the UK are the best choice.

The Choices We Have in 9ct Gold Jewellery Personalised and Made in the UK
Solid Gold Earrings
Even if you’re a fan of diamond studs, you would not resist the simplicity and the class of 9ct gold earrings that have been personalised and made in the UK. These elevate your entire appeal and are perfect for everyday use. Most of the people who start wearing these earrings rarely take them off. You can pair them with any attire as the gold always compliments your outfit in the best way. The great news is that you can always customise them in terms of design and style. 
Solid Gold Rings
Nothing can celebrate your special days more than a classy solid gold ring, personalised and made in the UK. Giving an extraordinary classic appeal and utmost level of personalisation, the solid gold ring is the perfect gift for your partner. It looks delicate, simple and highly sophisticated.
Solid Gold Necklaces
The solid gold necklaces are personalised and made in the UK, I myself have one and in my opinion they are the best sentimental jewellery in my collection. The necklaces are made with pure solid shiny gold and white gold, mine is made up of the letters in my name. That’s why it is very special to me and whenever I wear it, I stand out from others, giving me an overwhelming feeling of joy and pride. The necklaces personalised and made in the UK have a delicate gold chain, further enhancing the necklace appeal. Many people have used this option to have their own customised message created. Hence, the best thing about this necklace is that you can customise it however you like.  

Mummy and Me

 Mummy and Me Collection-Jewellery For Mums and Daughters

Jewellery for mums and daughters is the special way to celebrate the love and eternal bond between them. You must have seen many mums and daughters who like to wear the same jewellery together, showing how close they are to each other. It has been seen that most daughters have similar choice for jewellery as their mothers and if you look at our collection, you would clearly tell this is “Mummy and Me Collection”. The relation between a mother and a daughter can be best portrayed by special jewellery made for mums and daughters. Such jewellery also makes the most unique and memorable gift, for the mother and daughter alike.

For the new mums, the jewellery that we make for their newly born baby girls, is of special significance since with it all the memories get associated for the life time. The birth of a daughter is one of the most special moments in a life of a mother and jewellery for mums and daughters is the best way to celebrate this special day. Such jewellery can be worn every day, sharing the mum’s story about her daughter. The idea of “Mummy and Me collection” is getting popular and that’s why we find a wide range of personalised necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings all dedicated to the mothers and daughters. Especially, the moms will find a broad array of the personalized jewellery that’s right for her daughter. The jewellery for the mothers and daughters is not a trendy item, it’s a reflection of the purest feelings.  
As far as materials are concerned for the jewellery for mothers and daughters, we have a lot of choices, and the best ones include yellow and rose gold, silver, coloured gemstones, and stainless steel. These are some of the best jewellery items for mothers and daughters that should be a part of every “Mummy & Me jewellery collection”.

1. Engraved Heart Charm 
Won’t you and your daughter love to wear the engraving of your intials of you both? And what if it’s engraved with the initials of your names? Isn’t it amazing that a necklace could solely belong to you and your daughter? The Engraved heart charms, made with silver, gold or rose gold, is the most classic and unique choice for the jewellery for mothers and daughters. You can use any material other than silver; however, silver is recommended due to its simplicity and light weightiness.

 2. “Always my mother, always my friend” engraved pendant necklace
The engraved pendant necklaces will never go out of fashion, in fact, these turn out to be one of the best accessories to add to your “Mummy & Me collection”. Such pendants are engraved with a short line or message about the mother and the daughter, showing their unique bond and eternal love. These pendants are unique and usually both mother and the daughter like to wear such accessories at the same time. If you are looking for a matching necklace keepsake gift set, the engraved, personalised pendant necklace for the mothers and daughters makes an exceptional option.

Mother's Day Jewellery



Mother’s Day jewellery

Thinking of buying a special gift for your Mum for Mother’s Day? Well, Mother’s Day jewellery from Anna Lou of London is the perfect gift to consider for this occasion. If your Mum is a jewellery lover, nothing can be a better present than Anna Lou of London pieces.  With an overwhelming range available for Mother’s Day jewellery, it is difficult to find the best jewellery that exactly meets your requirements. In this article, we have come up with some of the best options to consider as Mother’s Day jewellery from Anna Lou of Londo.

  • Earrings

Does your mother need a new pair of earings? If yes, you can add a new pair of beautiful, or even customized earrings to her earring collection. You should think about your Mum’s preferences and unique style when choosing a pair of earrings for her. Does she like dangle earrings or smaller and unique versions? Also, think of the occasions and events that she usually attends. Will she only wear them for certain occasions or make them a part of her daily jewellery accessories? Colors, materials, gems, and style are also few of the factors to consider.

Necklaces & Pendants

Necklaces make another great option for Mother’s Day jewellery. Most women love necklaces to wear to parties and other events. A great idea when choosing a perfect piece of jewellery for your Mum is to consider her favorite colour. Is she into vibrant colours like red? Or maybe something versatile like gold or silver is a good option. What if your mom already has her favorite chain necklace? No worries, you can think of pairing it with a beautiful pendant. You can go for the matching pendant as the chain, or you can find something contrasting or complementary.


If you want something more versatile and daily-going, consider bracelets. This will be a gift your mom would love to get on Mother’s Day. When choosing a bracelet for her, know if she often wears big bracelets or thinner ones, or may be bulkier bracelets. This will help you find something closely matching to her style. A benefit of choosing a delicate, thin bracelet is that your mom can always layer it with other bracelets to have more unique look.

Personalised Jewellery

If you want to gift something more special to your mom, customised earrings, necklace or bracelet will make a perfect Mother’s Day jewellery gift. The customised jewellery can be engraved with your mom’s name, or even initials. You can also consider a two-folded pendant having your mom’s picture.

Since most of the women love jewellery, it is a perfect gift for them for any occasion. No matter what jewellery you choose for your mom for this Mother’s Day, it would remind her of your love for the lifetime.


Initial Personalised jewellery

Personalised jewellery has been favorites for many people as they can tailor it as per their preferences and liking. Initial personalized jewellery is one of the most popular categories of personalized jewellery, wherein people customize the pieces with name’s initials. The initial personalized jewellery is not only admired as a style statement for an individual, but also makes a very thoughtful, customized gift to present to your loved ones.

In view of the rising popularity of initial personalized jewellery, a lot of creative brands have introduced the service of making tailored jewellery for the customers. From an initial bracelet to the birthstone pendant, a range of thoughtful personalised jewellery gifts are there that make the recipients smile. You can have a wide range of initial personalised jewellery available in the market. Both vintage and modern personalised jewellery have their own unique flairs, while a mix of traditional and trendier styles is always more admired.

Initial personalised jewellery has made a prominent place in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and various other occasions, making memories eternal. Initials, names, special messages and dates can be artistically engraved onto any kind of jewellery item, making it absolutely unique. You can also add heart charms, birthstones, pearls and much more to create something that will be cherished for the lifetime.

Pearl Jewellery Trends

The pearl jewellery trends are back in 2019 as various jewellery labels and designers are posting new styles on social media. Whether it’s summer, winter, autumn, spring, the pearl jewellery trends always seem to be in fashion and the luminous accessories made from pearls, are must-have for many. People love pearls for their utmost versatility, as these pair perfectly with almost everything; from gowns to jeans. Today’s designers are using various styling tricks to put some modern twists in classic pearl jewellery pieces. 

A simple pearls strand easily becomes a style statement accessory. Clip some vintage brooch to a timeless choker for more sparkle, or you can loop a knot to the strand to have a flapper-era style. Many teenagers wrap their pearl neckless around their wrist as a differently styled cuff.

Though traditional pearl jewellery trends are beautiful and classy on their own, you will love to mix them with modern pieces, a mix of popular metals, and vibrant gemstones. For instance, pair a pearl with bangles or add a pearl ring to the stack of metal bands. Gem is the ultimate neutral, complementing all kinds of jewellery, from pearl to turquoise to diamonds. Pearl jewellery trends are not going anywhere this year.

Gifts In Your Budget

Gifts In Your Budget

At Anna Lou of London, we know that everyone has their own budget, and we cater for everyone's budget! This means you can always afford really special jewellery, for that special person! Here, we have picked out our favourite pieces for each budget!


£25 & Under

  • Silver Crystal Initial Necklace - £15 -

C Crystal Necklace

  • Lucky Horseshoe Necklace - From £20 -

Lucky Horseshoe Necklace

  • Aztec Taupe - £25 - 

Aztec Taupe


£25 - £50

  • Acrylic Name Necklace - £27.50 -

Acrylic Name Necklace

  • Anchor Necklace - £45 -

Anchor Necklace

  • Friendship Necklace - From £49.50 -

Friendship Necklace


£50 - £75

  • Baby Steps Footprint Necklace - From £54 -

Baby Steps Footprint Necklace

  • Initial Sideway Bracelet - £67.50 -

Initial Sideway Bracelet

  • Piper Necklace - £75 -

Piper Necklace


£75 - £100

  • Monogram Signet Ring - £75 -

Monogram Signet Ring

  • Personalised Initial Heart Bangle - From £125 -

Personalised Initial Heart Bangle

  • 10kt Solid Gold Name Necklace - £300 -

9kt Solid Gold Name Necklace

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

With Black Friday just around the corner, it's the perfect time to start buying your Christmas presents! But with all these discounts, what should you buy?! 

Because it can get a bit overwhelming, we have created an Anna Lou of London gift guide, to guide you to the most thoughtful presents this Christmas! 


Personalised Jewellery 

At Anna Lou of London, we pride ourselves in creating beautiful personalised jewellery, made just the way you like it. Below, you can find our best sellers! 

  • Name Necklace - from £60 - Gold, Silver & Rose Gold -


Name Necklace

  • Personalised Bar Name Necklace - From £55 - Silver, Gold & Rose Gold -

  • Signature Handwriting Name Necklace - From £65 - Silver, Gold & Rose Gold -


  • Initial Disc Bracelet - From £54 - Silver, Gold & Rose Gold -


  • Name Earrings - £65 - Silver, Gold & Rose Gold -

Name Earrings


Statement Jewellery

  •  Vera Statement Earrings - £40 -

Vera Statement Earrings


  • Dakota Necklace - £60 -

Dakota Necklace


  • Bauble Earrings - £75 - Gold & Silver -

Bauble Earrings


  • Cosmo Earrings - £40 -

Cosmo Earrings


  • Isabella Statement Necklace - £30 -

Isabella Statement Necklace




  • Victoriana Ring - £60 - Gold -

Victoriana Ring


  • Small Disc Dot Ring - £60 - Gold -

Small Disc Dot Ring

  • Initial Heart Ring - From £30 - Silver, Gold & Rose Gold -

Initial Heart Ring


  • Signet Initial Ring - From £75 - Silver & Gold -

Signet Initial Ring


  • Roman Numeral Ring - From £64 - Silver & Gold -

Roman Numeral Ring