Bespoke Design

"We want to be not only the best jewellery brand in the world, but the best jewellery brand for the world"

Anna Scaife - Founder and Creative Director

About Us

Since 2004 as British jewellers we have specialised in manufacturing the very best unique collections made in-house ethically and sustainably using recycled materials. We provide white label collections for brands, jewellery designers, manufacturers, and online merchants all around the globe high-quality jewellery production with a fast turnaround all made in our own workshop.

About Us

It's All About the Process

STEP 1- BESPOKE DESIGN: The process of creating bespoke jewellery begins with the idea for a bespoke piece which can be based on a memory, a place, hobby or word. From there, concept artwork is drawn up to show how the designers will interpret the best way to express the piece of jewellery with the inspired subject matter.

STEP 2 - CONSULTATION: Once approved, the team consults with our goldsmiths for the techniques we would use to bring your piece to life. This will be done using traditional goldsmithing methods by hand or the latest cutting-edge technology to achieve the finest results.

STEP 3 - TECHNICAL DRAWING: After the consultation and technique has been agreed, practical changes are likely to be introduced to the concept and a formal CAD is submitted for review. This is a technical drawing produced with the help of Computer Aided Design to demonstrate the attributes of the items in high detail.

STEP 4 - PRODUCTION: With the consultation finished, our goldsmiths use industry leading techniques including enamelling, drop stamping, and seal engraving. Quality and delivering by the desired date are key values and not something we would ever wish to compromise.

STEP 5 - QUALITY ASSURANCE: After the product has been made, we undergo a thorough inspection to ensure that the product is pristine and ready for the client. After this quality assurance, the product is signed-off by the team and beautifully packaged, ready to be picked-up by the client or couriered.


Services we provide at Anna Lou Design Lab

We offer the best jewellery design, 3D modeling, and rendering services available anywhere on the world. Our expertise will create pieces that will last a lifetime and be totally unique.

Jewellery 3D Modelling: CAD software is used to create a perfect design preview and dimensional accuracy, and we can develop a database for production if you want multiple pieces. A design is created as a sketch on paper and then entered into the system once it has been worked on by our expert jewellery designers.

Jewellery CAD: A CAD design file is then transmitted to the 3D Rapid Prototype system once it is complete. The Direct Light Projection Technology concept is used in this system. A resin model is built utilizing a fully working 3D Rapid Prototyping System (RPT).

Jewellery Rendering: Customers will have the chance to visualize the 3D model from numerous perspectives thanks to the 3D jewellery rendering process. Your designs will be made into a 3D picture and video rendering. To begin your bespoke jewellery design collection or a special piece please contact us by email or phone, and one of our experts will assist you.

Jewellery Design: You don’t need to be an artist to develop personalized jewellery designs with us. Our finest jewellery designers will work directly with you to help you produce 3D jewellery design concepts. You may email us your favorite jewellery or pieces that you wish to combine with details, and our CAD designers will create a one-of-a-kind concept. Throughout the drawing process, we will communicate with you to get your comments. Any detail may be altered or updated to get the desired look.

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