Our Story



Anna Lou of London jewellery strive to not only be the best in the world, but to be the best ​for​ the world. Sustainable manufacturing is the heart and soul of Anna Lou of London, all of my jewellery collections are designed by me in my studio on Taggs Island and we manufacture the jewellery in both Hatton Garden, London, as well as in the studio on Taggs Island and I work closely with a family of artisans in Istanbul and ensure we offer the most transparent production possible. My company which has been around for nearly two decades, strives to provide quality products, redefine originality, and inspire people. Almost all jewellers claim to offer effically sourced jewellery but if you dig down a little deeper it’s almost never the case. We guarantee that every element of your jewellery is totally traceable and ethically produced.

We are committed to treating people, communities and the environment as they should be treated: respectfully, sustainably and ethically.

We use certified fair mined silver and solid gold. Each product has a story, a season, and a rich heritage in craftsmanship. Opt for jewellery that match your values!

Jewellery is a gift to be treasured, so, it’s important that when you do make that investment – it is a piece of integrity.