Our Story

I imagine you’re here to learn a bit more about me so I’ll try to make it as interesting as I can! I started Anna Lou of London in 2004 with a stall on Portobello Market, making Anna Lou of London jewellery a quintessentially English brand. 3 months later Anna Lou of London jewellery was being sold in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Over the next couple of years the brand was being stocked in international department stores such as Isetan, Henri Bendel and Printemps. When my first child Wilbur was born in 2010 I wanted a piece of jewellery that had my sons initials to keep with me at all times. I started to create more jewellery pieces when my two other children Buzz and Esme were born. My children are my main source of inspiration and help me to create new jewellery collections.


It's taken years of perfecting my skills and working with other very skilled jewellers to do what I do today. I now work from my studio on the beautiful Taggs Island in Hampton Court, where I live with my 3 children and dog Chase. I have the help of my dream team Luisa: PR and Marketing and Stacey: Graphics and website design, along with other super-duper packers!

My children are one of my main influences but London and HQ Anna Lou has a huge impact on my jewellery. I moved here 23 years ago and the people and London’s vibe inspire me, there is nothing quite like it after all these years. The jewellery designs I come up with are pieces people want to wear.

When jewellery is personalised it takes on a whole new meaning and importance in a person's life. It's a keepsake piece that can be handed down to your children. You can customise your jewellery with names, dates, initials and birthstones making Anna Lou of London the go to brand for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas presents and other sentimental gifts. Because of this I want to make sure the quality meets the standards the customer is expecting.

I imagine you’ve worked out that I make Britcentric jewellery and accessories including scarves, hair slides, and handbags. I work with the best materials to ensure products last the test of time and even if it takes a little longer while we solder everything which adds even more longevity but I feel that it’s essential. Please do have a browse, come by the studio, or pick up the phone and have a chat with me anytime you want, and if I can’t answer it’s only because I’m busy with my children, but I will get back to you quickly.


There are a number of opportunities especially over Christmas, Valentines and Mother’s Day for you to come and join us on the island at HQ Anna Lou to help out and help jewellery or be studio support and help with admin. If you live close by to Taggs Island and would be interested in making jewellery for Anna Lou of London please send an email to hello@annaoflondon.com and I’ll keep your details for when I’m ready and need more makers and helpers. Please note you would need to have lots of jewellery making experience and skills and be registered as self-employed as you will need to invoice the business.


In 2020 we will be launching the Anna Lou DIY Jewellery boxes. I am happy for other brands to send me some marketing materials to send as a surprise to my customers. Each box will come with surprises so I can’t guarantee what will be in them but you can be sure the products and materials will be a good match for us and you. It will not be spammy and will be stuff you and I will love. If you are a brand however big or small please get in touch and we can discuss at anna@annalouoflondon.com Basically we are looking for brands where the customers are similar and everyone’s happy! You can send as little or as many things as you like but we can have a chat about that. No plastic products please to save customers dealing with waste.