Sustainability Statement

Hi everyone,
I want to tell you all about what we aspire to be as a brand and what we practice. Anna Lou of London jewellery strive to not only be the best in the world, but to be the best ​for​ the world. I want my business to be a force of goodness! I’m looking at everything I need to look at, both internally and externally

I continually research new and existing materials to improve the sustainabilty of our jewellery,while also ensuring their durabilty. In evaluating materials to reduce their environmental impact, we find materials that meet the highest possible standards. Sustainable manufacturing in London is the heart and soul of Anna Lou of London, all of my jewellery collections are designed by me in my studio on Taggs Island and we manufacture the jewellery in Hatton Garden, London and ensure we offer the most transparent production possible. I work with an extraordinary family of artisans employing centuries old heritage and skilled craftsman. My company which has been around for nearly two decades, strives to provide quality products, redefine originality, and inspire people. We guarantee that every element of your jewellery is totally traceable and ethically produced.

 I am committed to treating people and the environment as they should be treated: respectfully, sustainably and ethically. Ethical sourcing means protecting the environment and human rights, which is why we hold independent audits on our workers and their environment. 

There’s an African proverb I love: If you want to go fast you go alone, if you want to go far you go together.

From the starting material to the end product, making sure we don’t dig anymore holes in the ground and using recycled and fairmined silver and gold all the way through to the packaging and recycling. 

No one knows the answers. None of us have the clear step by step perfect sustainability action plan. But we at Anna Lou of London are going to try this and work alongside Nest and actually I don’t know everything but I’ve invited in the experts to help!

Almost all jewellers claim to offer ethically sourced jewellery, but dig a little deeper and it’s almost never the case. Anna Lou of London guarantees every element of your jewellery is totally traceable and ethically produced. Sadly Greenwashing is still happening .How Can You Tell If a Fashion Brand is Greenwashing? The cheap fast fashion and jewellery brands that encourage throwaway culture with clothing and jewellery can never be truly sustainable. When brands like these talk about reducing waste, without changing their business models, then the greenwashing alarm bells should be ringing.

Anna Lou of London have no luxury mark ups. The prices are fair and we produce exceptional quality pieces. I would like to remind people that apart from the craftsmanship there’s a lot of others costs such as researching, developing, designing, planning details, choosing materials, testing materials, taking product photos , calculating pricing, writing website listings, promoting product, compiling inspiration, postage costs, answering customer service questions, vat 20%, profit to keep us going! I also do small batch, made to order or one of a kind designs which is kind to the Earth.

Brands should be addressing their supply chain, production facilities, transport and shipping methods and the environmental impact of source materials as a priority if they want to be truly sustainable.

 There a difference between ‘corporate social responsibility and ‘responsible social corporations’. What I think what needs to be done is a different type of communication. It’s not about telling you what will be done, it’s about a mindset.  I truly believe in an honest sustainable journey. 

Customer Service:

Please do feel free to reach out to me if you have any order queries or if you want some advice on a new jewellery making project you may have whilst staying at home! It’s always lovely to chat.

Our future:

Running a teeny tiny business, I am so grateful for your continued support during this difficult time. We all really must come together and support each other now more than ever before. Please take care of yourselves and others, especially those who may be older and more vulnerable.

Final Thank You!

We can do this. We are in this together. There is hope and thank you for all your support. Don’t forget that wearing a piece of jewellery is always comforting. Do it for yourself even if you aren’t leaving the house!

Thank you for your orders!

I hope that’s helpful and answered some of your questions. Keep up the strength and positivity.

Anna x

Founder and Creative Director

Recycling your jewellery:

“recycled jewellery offers the option to make something new from items that have perhaps been banished to the outer drawers of the jewellery box!
I believe we must re-use the jewellery and materials that we already have. We don’t need more holes in the ground, which comes with its own environmental impact. It’s a win-win situation for the planet. We buy fine metals that come from recycled sources, the metal is exactly the same as newly mined, there is no difference”

How it works:

1) Contact us and we will email you a free postage label.
2) find any pieces of jewellery that are made of Sterling Silver or Solid Gold
( all silver must be stamped 925 or gold to be hallmarked)
3) your old pieces get recycled for future production at a refinery in the UK.
4) you get a £20 voucher to shop at Anna Lou of London

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