Recycling your jewellery


“Recycled jewellery offers the option to make something new from items that have perhaps been banished to the outer drawers of the jewellery box!

I believe we must re-use the jewellery and materials that we already have. We don’t need more holes in the ground, which comes with its own environmental impact. It’s a win-win situation for the planet. We buy fine metals that come from recycled sources, the metal is exactly the same as newly mined, there is no difference”

Anna Lou

How it works:

  1. Contact us and we will email you a free postage label.
  2. Find any pieces of jewellery that are made of Sterling Silver or Solid Gold ( all silver must be stamped 925 or gold to be hallmarked)
  3. Your old pieces get recycled for future production at a refinery in the UK.
  4. You get a £20 voucher to shop at Anna Lou of London
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