SOS! Anna Lou's New Morse Code Rings!

SOS! Anna Lou of London has just announced the release of its new Morse Code rings and we’re buzzing!

Sure, past trends have a way of resurfacing, but ALOL takes it way back in time with this innovative new collection.


For those who don’t know, Morse Code was created by Samuel F. B. (you guessed it) Morse. By sending pulses of electrical current in a series of long (dashes) and short (dots) tones, telegraph operators could make out letters and words being represented.


But, Anna Lou of London is surely one of the only brands that could bring something from the 19th century back as such a modern trend today. Available in Sterling silver for £81, and with a 21 character limit, ALOL lets you make this cryptic code your own! Send a sweet message that only you and your loved one will know or share in a private moment, even while publicly showing off your new ring! 


Rings symbolize eternity because of their never-ending shape, so show how much you care with just a dot and a dash. It’s that easy!


End of transmission