Pearl Jewellery Trends

The pearl jewellery trends are back in 2019 as various jewellery labels and designers are posting new styles on social media. Whether it’s summer, winter, autumn, spring, the pearl jewellery trends always seem to be in fashion and the luminous accessories made from pearls, are must-have for many. People love pearls for their utmost versatility, as these pair perfectly with almost everything; from gowns to jeans. Today’s designers are using various styling tricks to put some modern twists in classic pearl jewellery pieces. 

A simple pearls strand easily becomes a style statement accessory. Clip some vintage brooch to a timeless choker for more sparkle, or you can loop a knot to the strand to have a flapper-era style. Many teenagers wrap their pearl neckless around their wrist as a differently styled cuff.

Though traditional pearl jewellery trends are beautiful and classy on their own, you will love to mix them with modern pieces, a mix of popular metals, and vibrant gemstones. For instance, pair a pearl with bangles or add a pearl ring to the stack of metal bands. Gem is the ultimate neutral, complementing all kinds of jewellery, from pearl to turquoise to diamonds. Pearl jewellery trends are not going anywhere this year.