It’s wonderful to have such a loyal customer base here at Anna Lou of London, over the years it feels like some of you have become like family. We’ve seen you through friendships, new jobs, love and more. 

Over the coming weeks, you’ll see more about our Founder, Anna, and the team as we go behind the scenes to show you how our beautiful jewellery is made and how this family-run brand works to bring you the pieces you love.

In today’s post, we’ll be showing you some of the steps your jewellery goes through before it makes it to you.

All of Anna Lou of London's designs are created in London, UK and brought to life in Anna’s studio on Taggs Island. We also work with skilled craftsmen in Hatton Garden, and we are assisted by a wonderful family-run factory in Turkey. All of whom are as committed as Anna to using sustainable resources and materials to create our products. 

To understand how we make our famous name necklaces you can watch this video.

Once your personalised necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring is ready, it’s delivered to our London office where a small, close-knit team will pack it up with love ready to be delivered to you

Each piece is quality checked along the way and the whole process can take up to 14 days as we want to make sure your jewellery is made with care and precision. 

The final step is you putting on the jewellery you purchased or were gifted. With almost every piece unique to its owner we love seeing how you style the jewellery we make for you so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram showing how you wear your piece. 

If you have any questions about how we make your jewellery, get in touch and your question might just become part of our next blog.

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