Anna Lou For Kids

Anna Lou & Friends stories are about ordinary children living in the suburbs of any English town. Anna Lou was born on an estate called Acornfields, and she and her friends always play in a playground at the bottom of the estate.

But where did Anna Lou come from? Anna Lou and Friends is the brainchild of long time friends,
Anna Scaife and Sonoko Obuchi. 
With themes around friendship, self-esteem and overcoming fears. Anna Lou and her friends work together to learn and overcome helping each other and your children to do the same. 
Under the Anna Lou and Friends banner, we have a range of products to entertain little minds. 
These include affirmation prints to help your children understand how special they are, prints and worksheets to develop their learning and a penpal subscription box where children will receive their very own letter from their new friend, Anna Lou. 
The Anna Lou range is perfect for 4-7-year-olds who are developing their sense of self-identity and would love to see a range of diverse and friendly characters around them.
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