COVID19 - Here’s what’s happening at HQ Anna Lou

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all feeling ok mentally and physically and not feeling too overwhelmed with everything given the ongoing COVID-19 situation. This really is an extraordinary time we are all going through but there’s hope. It’ll be over soon.

I wanted to update you on how things are going here at HQ Anna Lou on Taggs Island. We are continuing to produce orders and fulfil orders as fast as usual but now I am on my own as a courtesy to each other and then swap out days in the studio with Amelia. Luisa and Furkan are working behind the scenes with me as well from their homes in Brazil and Turkey and Lindsay is on Customer service from her home. Obviously if anyone starts to show symptoms we will be each isolating immediately.

We are taking this very seriously and ensuring that we’re not coming into contact with any other people – including the postal workers.

Obviously it’s a very fast moving situation and I am keeping up to date with news and government advice and will do what’s recommended (I’ll update you all with any new relevant developments) but for now here’s how it is at HQ Anna Lou….

I am taking this seriously and hygiene is our priority.

I am working hard to produce relevant, positive and hopefully inspiring content on all of my social media channels and will keep you updated with developments. A lot of this is for my own sanity as well! It’s hard juggling 3 children, homeschooling but I have gaps of time when they’re with their dad so I can carry on and rabbit on about things which I hope you’ll enjoy!

Royal Mail Advice:

With regards to coronavirus and parcels Royal Mail have confirmed the following on their website:  Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus. From experience we know that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. 

We will continue to send orders based in this information and whilst Royal Mail are happy to collect them. If Royal Mail change their service and our parcels aren’t collected, I will contact all customers with outstanding orders and make it clear on the website.

Customer Service

Please do feel free to reach out to me if you have any order queries or if you want some advice on a new jewellery making project you may have whilst staying at home! While we’re all social distancing it’s lovely to chat. I have added some DIY kits to the website so these will keep your little ones busy as well..

Our future:

Running a small business, I am so grateful for your continued support during this difficult time and I am working hard to keep my business out of trouble.  We all really must come together and support each other now more than ever before. Please take care of yourselves and others, especially those who may be older and more vulnerable.

Helping Others

One of the ways I help is by donating to food banks, therefore for every order you place with Anna Lou from now onwards we donate one to the food bank each month. I will add more to my weekly shop ( without striping the shelves and hoarding loo roll!) . This will continue indefinitely while we’re all dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

I will make sure to include the high priority items required by the food bank.

This situation is rapidly changing and please be assured that that if anything changes we will notify you all immediately. 

Thank You

We can do this. We are in this together. There is hope and thank you for all your support. Don’t forget that wearing a piece of jewellery is always comforting. Do it for yourself even if you aren’t leaving the house!

Thank you for your orders ( even the very few of them are helping us survive)

It goes without saying but I’ll repeatedly say a massive thank you to everyone who is working through this. Everyone with front line jobs and all the key workers. NHS workers, teachers, delivery drivers, supermarket staff and SO MANY MORE. You’re all amazing and thank you so so much!

I hope that’s helpful and answered some your questions. Keep up the strength and positivity and stay safe.

Bye for now!

X Anna Lou x

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