A charm necklace or bracelet; you can't escape these little beauties. Whether it's a single statement dangler or a full-on cluster it's the perfect feminine addition to your wardrobe. If you didn't know already, charms have been around for centuries. They date back to the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs and then onto the 18th century, when Queen Victoria brought back the trend as a bracelet to the European Noble class. Nowadays its become more a staple piece then a trend led item. People want to wear accessories that tell their story, something about themselves and their lives. The charms can reflect your personality by using different objects, symbols, letters and numbers so you can customise your piece.  The beauty of charms are that you can mix and match to reflect your mood or the outfit you are pulling together. We can't get enough of charms and here are some combinations for inspiration! heartneck;ace Mix with metals to create a standout piece. Passionate is all about the love! hhh This personalised lucky charm bracelet can be customised with 5 charms of your choice.  Each charm is handcrafted meaning no two are ever the same. mnxmx If you like to keep it classic, go for the silver lining.   By Ellis Johnstone