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Birthstone Jewellery

This month is the month of Aries! Happy birthday to any April babies! This is your month to over indulge and truly treat yourself for making it to another year marker. If you're into astrology, or like me, just find it extremely entertaining, I found out a few facts about what it’s like to be an Aries. According to trusty Google, an Aries is independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic and courageous. Isn’t that lovely? Since you’re all these nice things, it’s only necessary that you buy yourself a little birthday gift, right?   Anna Lou of London has a collection of birthstone jewellery, guaranteed to make every birthday special and give you something special to treasure. The birthstone for April is clear crystal, which will look gorgeous on a silver name necklace, against spring florals and fluorescents. Anna Lou of London also has birthstone charms to add to your ALOL charm bracelet, and my personal favourite – the Initial Birthstone Necklace. Style the Birthstone Necklace with a long chain, over crisp whites and candy pinks! Spring ready in under £100!   And if you’re reading this because you’re stuck on what to get your feisty Aries for her B-Day, Anna Lou of London can give you an easy, yet unique, sentimental and personal gift all at the click of a mouse! All of our birthstone jewellery is available for every birthday on our website @, so don’t feel like you’re missing out! And don’t forgot to add a personal touch!   Shauna Cook (Social Media Intern)

All About Pearls

3037_3 A type of jewellery that you don’t see much of (except maybe on older women) these days is pearl jewellery. Most teens and younger adults ditch pearls for trendier chains. But contrary to popular belief, pearls are not only for old ladies! Most people shy away from wearing them because they think it makes them look too mature. This is not true! If you’re young, you can absolutely wear pearls. What’s unique about pearls is that they hold a certain class and taste that other jewellery doesn’t have. They also match with gold, silver, and rose gold jewellery, and therefore can be worn with other jewellery. Anna Lou of London pearl initial bracelets are the perfect combination of classy and trendy. The gold/silver letters reflect the jewellery of today, while the pearls add an element of classic taste. The pearls are also a bit larger than standard pearls, which makes them a little bit funkier. These bracelets are easy to wear with others because of the initial. They are great if you want to vary the size and type of jewellery on your wrist.  Pearls may not be number one on the trend radar, but they definitely are unique and original. Especially if you pair them with other jewellery, you’ll have a look that’s cool, classic, and different from everyone else’s.


We're feeling the wedding spirit at Anna Lou, and bringing you a series of wedding gifts that will hopefully satisfy every member of the party! Today we're talking hen parties; the magical night where we send beloved friends off into married life with one last night of debauchery and mayhem. Keep things tasteful by choosing beautiful hen party gifts that are bound to put a smile on the bride-to-be's face - from the fun to the meaningful, there's a piece of jewellery out there that will perfectly commemorate this monumental time in her life.    

Wife necklace - £25

This Wife necklace is the ideal accessory to single out the bride-to-be in your hen group! Adorned with cute crystals, this statement piece will capture the fun spirit in the air.

Mrs bracelet - £67.50

This personalised bracelet is a meaningful way to send your friend off into the exciting new chapter of her life. It's delicate and tasteful enough to be worn for every occasion (even the wedding day!) and is sure to put a smile on her face.

Pink Kiss necklace - £12.50

This lipstick necklace is a cheeky outfit addition for every diva who likes to kiss n' tell. The statement shape is a must-have this season and will certainly leave everyone guessing. Pucker up!

Crystal bow hair elastic - £20

Fun accessories are a must on any hen night, and this hair elastic is a more subtle way to hint at hen night chic. The crystals add a touch of glamour, making this bow the ultimate way to upgrade your ponytail. Bow-tiful!

By Charlea Glanville


Wedding season is creeping up on us once more, and many of us will already be dusting off tuxedos and fascinators ready for the Spring/Summer run of celebration and joy. If you're the groom, you're likely to be feeling a little nervous as you put those all-important finishing touches to the vows and seating plan - and gifts are probably the last thing on your mind. Well stop right there, because Anna Lou's got it covered. Make the happiest day of her life even happier with some special bridal jewellery that will forever serve as a memory of an unforgettable and life-changing day.

Monogram locket - £114

A monogram locket can be engraved with her new initials, and a special photo can be placed inside to ensure you're always close to her heart. Available in silver, gold or rose gold with a choice of chain length, this is the ideal piece to commemorate your special day.

Initial Heart Necklace - £65

Casanovas: express your love in style with the initial heart necklace, that can be personalised with your choice of initials and is available in gold, rose gold or sterling silver finish.

Ever After necklace - £43.50

Just like its name suggests, the Ever After necklace is a true symbol of everlasting love. Engraved with beautiful words reading "Happily ever after. Hand in hand. Till death do us part", this necklace is a memorable and timeless way to commemorate the special promises made in your wedding vows.

By Charlea Glanville

MOTHER'S DAY: Gift guide for Fashionable Mums

Do you ever worry that your Mum is more stylish than you? As times have changed, Mums have become more and more fashionable and comfortable expressing themselves through their clothes - just as the younger generations do. While this is empowering to see, when it comes to gift-buying fashionable Mums can be an absolute nightmare. With tastes pickier than yours, how do you even go about picking a gift that will fit with her strict style rules?

With Mother's Day creeping up, your Mum deserves to be spoilt - but there's no reason why you should stick to something boring just to be on the safe side. Anna Lou has a huge collection of on-trend jewellery that dedicated fashion-loving Mums will be proud to own. And with the option to have many pieces personalised, your gift will be as special as it is stylish. The only thing you'll have to worry about now is your Mum looking better than you...

Studded Bangles - £40 each

A stack of bangles is a timeless statement of style, and these beauties go the extra fashion mile with edgy stud detailing. Available in a choice of colours - from bold to pastel hues - there's a bangle to match even the most discerning tastes.

Initial Pearl Bracelet - £18

Pearls are a classic piece of jewellery that almost every Mum is bound to have lurking somewhere in their jewellery box - they can be worn with absolutely everything and never go out of style. But fashionable Mums know it's all about adding personality, and that's why the initial pearl bracelet is a perfect gift option. Stack them up to spell out a special word - at £18 each you're not going to break the bank either. Mum's the word!

Lady necklace - £25

Really daring Mums can go the extra mile by donning an Anna Lou "Lady" necklace, with large statement letters in striking scarlet. Throw on top of a white shirt and let your jewellery do the talking!

By Charlea Glanville

MOTHER'S DAY: Gift guide for New Mums

Becoming a mum is a joyful time, and more often than not filled with kind gifts and special visitors to make your new arrival feel as welcome as possible. And while all of this is cause for celebration, it's also unsurprising for new mums to feel exhausted and overwhelmed too. Mother's Day is the ideal opportunity for Mums to put their feet up and enjoy some much needed relaxation time, and new mums need it more than most after all of their hard work! Make a new mum in your life feel extra special this Mother's Day, with a beautiful gift to capture the celebratory spirit and put a smile on her weary face.

Child Charm Necklace - £47.50

Available in a choice of finishes to suit her personal taste, the child charm necklace is a special keepsake that can grow as the family does. Each charm can be tailored to the gender of your child, and can be engraved with their name to keep them close to your heart even when you have to be apart.

Baby Feet Necklace - £54

The baby feet necklace is a memorable way to celebrate a new arrival. With a choice of different coloured discs and chains, the pendant on this necklace features a teeny pair of baby feet and can be engraved with your precious new baby's name. Wear with pride!

No 1 Mummy necklace - £67.50

Becoming a mum can be testing - there's no manual on how to do it, and most of your motherly skills are the result of learning as you go along. The No 1 Mummy necklace is a sweet gift to a new mum that will hopefully keep spirits high and remind her of what a fabulous job she's doing! The elegant bar design makes for a classic look, and can be engraved with a 13 letter word or phrase of your choice.

By Charlea Glanville


There’s a reason why you’re likely to feel the post-Christmas blues in February. The weather usually reaches its most freezing lows; monotonous daily routine is finally called back into service; you’re feeling disheartened after breaking almost all of your New Year’s resolutions already; and, of course, January sales are well and truly over (sniff). All of this can leave you feeling a little down in the dumps, and frankly we’re not surprised – but that doesn’t mean you should put up with it. It’s time to get proactive, re-energize and start to feel the motivation with some of Anna Lou’s top tips:
  1. There is nothing more soothing than shutting yourself off from the world and spending half an hour soaking in a hot bubble bath (trust us). Simply add your favourite fragranced bath salts and feel brand new in no time at all.
  2. A cup of tea and slice of cake may be an old-fashioned British pick-me-up, but it’s definitely one that still works. Anna Lou recommends English Breakfast Tea and classic Victoria Sponge for a sugar-coated hit of happy.
  3. Reading inspirational messages and quotes can often help to put things into perspective, and Anna Lou’s inspirational jewellery combines beautiful words with stunning jewellery for a piece that will bring joy in every wear. Each symbol represents something different: the Hamsa hand symbolises protection; the rabbit symbolises luck; the star represents ambition; and the heart everlasting love – so each piece will inspire you in different ways. Choose from a variety of pieces in your choice of finish, each engraved with beautiful words for instant motivation. Well done, you've almost made it through February - it's time to treat yourself!

Gold Hamsa Hand necklace - £56.50

Silver Lucky Rabbit necklace - £36.50

Rose Gold Ever After stud earrings - £64

Gold Shooting Star necklace - £56.50

By Charlea Glanville


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and in Anna Lou’s world that only means one thing: presents. Whether it’s Valentine's Day gifts for a girlfriend, best friend, mother, or just a little something for yourself (after all, you deserve it…) – the infamous day is a reminder that it’s time to show someone close to your heart how much they really mean to you. FOR GIRLFRIENDS… Firstly, you’re probably feeling really smug because you and your special lady get to indulge in traditional Valentines activities, ranging from the cringey giant teddy bear and bunch of roses, right through to a fancy dinner reservation and bottle of champagne. However, if another box of Thornton’s just isn’t going to cut it this year, don’t panic – Anna Lou is on hand to help you say it right with a piece of unique British jewellery that will be cherished for years to come.

Love necklace - £54

FOR BEST FRIENDS… In the mid 90’s, five wise ladies descended upon the nation and decided it was time for us girls to stand up and be noticed. With their “Girl Power” campaign and daring outfits, the classically British Spice Girls have sent a message that’s lasted through the years: us girls have got to stick together. So with this in mind, what better way to empower your BFFL than with some fresh new jewels? Pieces adorned with hearts and lips give a subtle acknowledgement of V-Day, and will take you right through from daytime to dancefloor come February 14th.

Acrylic Lips necklace - £15

  FOR MOTHERS… Let’s face it, you owe her one. She’s fed you, clothed you, changed hundreds of your nappies, and helped you to become the (almost) grown-up you are today, and it’s about time you gave something back. A personalised piece will make Mum feel truly special, and gain you those all-important brownie points in the process – so what are you waiting for?

Initial sideways necklace - £67.50

FOR YOU… You are fabulous, and there’s absolutely no shame in spoiling yourself every once in a while (trust Anna Lou!). So if the thought of Cupids and rose petals is getting you a little down, give yourself a much-deserved pick-me-up. Whether it’s a box of your favourite chocolates, a massage or some new arm candy, V-Day is the perfect excuse to give yourself a little boost. A delicate heart themed piece is an understated way to mark the day.

Heart Cuff - £42

By Charlea Glanville


Ariana Grande, born and raised in Florida in 1993, began her career in the Broadway musical 13 before landing a role on the Nickelodeon show Victorious in 2009, and afterwards a spin-off series Sam & Cat. A platform in which her singing career could take off, Ariana Grande since then has two albums which debuted at the number one spot in the Billboard 200. Along with her career, her style is beginning to generate interest within the fashion world. Her signature style of sweetheart necklines, full skirts and floral prints gives a modern twist on the classic trends. Whether she’s walking the red carpet or performing on-stage Ariana’s style is always cute, feminine, flirty and retro. From flirty high-waisted skirts, to sweet sweatshirts to classy dresses, this budding fashion icon knows what she likes and always looks good in it!

Rocking a Monochrome shift dress, she replicates the '60s mod go-go look.

Sweet-heart neckline, full swing dress, floral print. Ariana puts a darker spin on her signature style.

On trend, in this head to toe knit gear, Ariana paired it with a pair of retro boots, staying true to her signature style whilst being on trend.

Cute, fluffy jumper with a bow tied around the neckline. Ariana is certainly the queen of cute and girly when it comes to fashion.

ever after heart necklace

Ever After Silver Heart Necklace available at £43.50

stripy bow hairslide

Acrylic Stripy Bow Hairslide available at £15.00


PS. I Love You Ring available at £30.00

sugar sweet icecream earring

Acrylic Sugar Sweet Ice-cream Earring available at £22.50

What's your favourite look?

By Hyejin Kwon


‘Tis the season to party! Although Christmas is well is truly over, the party must go on! If you are anything like me, after all the Christmas and New Year parties, you’re left with nothing new to wear but an old lumpy jumper and clothes that haven’t seen daylight in a long while. Although sale season has kicked in, for those last minute party goers like me, a trusty LBD is your only option for the night out you’ve only decided to attend 2 hours before it begins. You can’t go wrong with a plain black dress, it’s non offensive and the best part? It can be worn over and over again, consecutively and no one will catch on (hopefully) that you’ve been wearing the same dress on multiple occasions within the same week. How does one go about doing this you ask? Why, simply with jewellery of course! From glamorous, dazzling, sexy, cute to show-stopper or understated; with the right accessories you can achieve any style you fancy! Below are a few of the many party perfect jewellery we offer at Anna Lou of London.


Make a bold historic statement with this Coin Necklace available at  £125.00


Freshwater Pearl Earrings available at £47.00

crystal hair pin

Crystal Avalanche Hair Clip available at £18.00


Snowflake Necklace available at £30.00


Teardrop Necklace available at £22.00*

*Offer available for a limited time only. RRP £40.00

By Hyejin Kwon