All About Pearls

3037_3 A type of jewellery that you don’t see much of (except maybe on older women) these days is pearl jewellery. Most teens and younger adults ditch pearls for trendier chains. But contrary to popular belief, pearls are not only for old ladies! Most people shy away from wearing them because they think it makes them look too mature. This is not true! If you’re young, you can absolutely wear pearls. What’s unique about pearls is that they hold a certain class and taste that other jewellery doesn’t have. They also match with gold, silver, and rose gold jewellery, and therefore can be worn with other jewellery. Anna Lou of London pearl initial bracelets are the perfect combination of classy and trendy. The gold/silver letters reflect the jewellery of today, while the pearls add an element of classic taste. The pearls are also a bit larger than standard pearls, which makes them a little bit funkier. These bracelets are easy to wear with others because of the initial. They are great if you want to vary the size and type of jewellery on your wrist.  Pearls may not be number one on the trend radar, but they definitely are unique and original. Especially if you pair them with other jewellery, you’ll have a look that’s cool, classic, and different from everyone else’s.