What to Wear to a British Tea Party

5 Gathering for high tea is one of the oldest, not to mention poshest, traditions in British history. My friends and I are from America, and while we are in England, we felt it was essential to go for ‘tea and crumpets.’ After all, if you didn’t have afternoon tea, did you visit England at all? Our destination was the Grand Café in Oxford. I don’t think anything gets more elegant than that. My friends and I love tea, and are huge foodies. We were super excited for croissants, sandwiches, scones—we ordered everything. Our table could have fed the whole Royal Guard. But perhaps what most excited us was how elegantly everyone was dressed. The girls were in pretty sundresses, the guys in khakis and polos. Everybody looked very classic and chic. We saw ladies wearing lots of simple pieces: pearl necklaces and bracelets, delicate bangles, stud earrings. We were amazed at how regal everything was, and are still wishing we had something like this in America. As I’m scrolling through Anna Lou of London jewelry, I’m realizing that Anna Lou has some perfect pieces for afternoon tea. The Regal Bangles with matching rings represent the elegance of the afternoon tea tradition. I love these because they are classic pieces, but still keep up with the trends. 4564_3 Another piece that has this same effect is the pearl initial bracelet. The pearls will add a little maturity to your look, while the initial keeps it young and modern. 10954825_738356219605003_1208022376_n You can also look classic while wearing some fun jewellery. The Tea Party charm from Anna Lou is so super cute. And it’s a tea pot, how could you not wear it to a tea party? 3 Afternoon tea is one of the best experiences I’ve had so far in England. It was so much fun to be regal and British for a day with my friends. Somebody needs to bring that tradition to America; we need more posh people! By Jessica K. Press Intern at Anna Lou of London