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Chanel’s Pearls and Cycling Caps in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of the Parisian fashion house Coco Chanel, knows how to cause a stir when he puts on a show. At the beginning of the year the daring German designer brought together haute couture and street fashion when he transformed Paris’s Royal Palais into a supermarket and had his models – supposedly symbolizing the average woman on the street - wearing trainers and sauntering down the shopping aisles. Recently Lagerfeld has gone further by seemingly taking inspiration from the Tour de France and draping his show in cycling inspired attire and accoutrements. His models slinked down the catwalk – displaying, as per usual, the classic sultry French pout and classic je ne sais quoi of the French stereotype – wearing cycling caps studded with crystal and shorts laced in pearls. Indeed pearls were almost as much of a motif in the Chanel show as la vélo. Almost all the models were peppered in pearls to some extent, whether they were dangling around their necks, hanging from their ears, or embedded in brooches and can-grooved cuffs. Pearls in Vogue Far from being merely the accessory of choice for grannies and the Sloane Square set, pearls are undoubtedly back in vogue this season. There have been other shows such as that of Simone Rocha’s new collection that have been as equally decked as Lagerfeld’s with the shimmering stones. These pearls came in all shapes and sizes, decorating collars and sequenced into garments and handbags. Rocha – who has been known in the past to take inspiration from both her Chinese and Irish grandmothers – also implanted the little rocks into knee-high stocking and had them carving out slashes across her drop-wasted skirts. Want the look? You can get a pearl bracelet with gold initial letter from Anna Lou of London or real pearl earrings and necklaces from Mesenso. Pair Your Pearls Perfectly It cannot be emphasized enough that your accessories should match your style, and of course the right style for the right occasion. Pearls are a soft, delicate stone that can be paired with spring pastels as well as an elegant black dinner dress in the wintertime. The accessories for the right debut - who better to epitomise this than Adele? She inspired this post we published earlier about accessory style for plus size women. Whether it’s a large, bold statement or many smaller bracelets in a jumble on one wrist, the effect is still a powerful assertion of class, style and power that every fashion diva wants to make.

Get the Look: Spring Outfit Inspiration

This time of year can sometimes be the most difficult to dress for. It's not quite warm enough to thrown on a summer dress and lose the coat, yet with the sun shining down on us we want to feel suitably Spring- like. So as always we're looking to our favourite celebs for some spring outfit inspiration on what to wear during this transitional period. These are some of our favourite ways to look Spring ready without being caught out should the heavens open. get the look, spring outfit inspiration Add some florals a la Gisele Bundchen Ditch those black and grey skinny jeans and embrace a floral trouser or pastel print denim. Being a trouser you don't need to brave bare legs just yet, yet you give a nod towards summer trends. get the look spring outfit inspiration Inject a pop of colour a la Reese Witherspoon No need to move away from the monochrome colours completely but by adding an electric hue you can turn your everyday office look into the perfect transitional outfit. get the look celebrity spring outfit inspiration Go sheer a la Allison Williams Nothing says Spring ready better than a smart but sexy sheer white shirt. It's the perfect transitional piece as it works for day and for evening, throw on a pair of courts with your smart trousers and you are ready for cocktails after work. get the look spring outfit inspiration Dress up your denim a la Karolina Kurkova It's the oldest trick in the book but denim is your best friend during the season change. A pair of distressed boyfriend jeans will look great with flats and a comfy sweater at the weekend and equally as good with heels and a blazer for week day meetings. Layer a warmer coat over the top of your blazer for added warmth. What's your go to style during this transitional period? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @annalouoflondon or following us on Facebook.

The Most Stylish Celebrity Mums

With Mother's Day just around the corner (if you don't have a gift sorted yet then look here) we thought we'd pay homage to some of our favourite and most stylish celebrity mums, those women who seem to juggle career with bringing up children and still manage to look great doing it (We're sure their happy bank balance has a lot to do with that, of course). These are the gals we look to for style inspiration that can be both functional enough for the school run but still show off a bit of personality, and so we've put together a few Anna Lou pieces which we think would work well with their designer wardrobes. So no matter who's style you prefer, here's our guide to perfecting their look. Most Stylish celebrity mumsVB just had to get the number one spot, seeing as she's turned herself from Spice girl to fashion designer and s often seen carrying a, just as stylish, Harper on her hip while wearing 4 inch heels. If this high glamour princess of posh is your style inspiration then recreate her look with a chic silk scarf, rose gold stacking rings, sophisticated engraved disc necklace and adorable heart charm bracelet. most stylish celebrity mumsYou'd hardly know Jessica ever had children, the speed at which she leapt back into shape but as far as style goes, she has to be one of the most polished mum's we know of. She never sets a foot wrong and cleverly sticks to key pieces such as skinny jeans, well cut blazers and cute yet comfortable footwear. Style points all the way. To get her look add colourful details to a basic outfit such as our bright blue silk scarf and stacking bangles and keep your hair in check with a chic band or accessory. most stylish celebrity mumsOk so she has model genes which puts her on some whole other style level but Ms Kerr has literally never had a hair out of place, even when she was heavily pregnant. Since her son was born she's been back to her best in leather skinnies, short dresses and high boots, even going as far as coordinating her outfits with son Flynn at times. Get her look with co-ordinating a sophisticated teardrop necklace and earrings and dainty hyacinth bracelet. most stylish celebrity mumsEven though she's now based in London, Gywinnie still has that effortless Hollywood style, all blonde sunkissed hair, impeccable white tees and luxe designer seperates. Whether she's wearing statement gowns on the red carpet or cargo pants for the school run, there's no denying Gwyneth is one hot mama. Recreate her cool factor with a long line pendant like this woodland leaf necklace, and mix different textures on your wrists such as chunky chains with leather cuffs. most stylish celebrity mumsThat peroxide blonde hair that never has even a glimpse of roots, the impeccable make up and the coolest mum in town wardrobe, how does Gwen do it? Obviously designing her own clothing label. she knows a thing or two about style but even with three children, she's still our favourite rock chick. Get her punk style by adding some leather studded bracelets, a knuckleduster ring and cross necklace. Which celebrity mum's style is your fave? Tweet us @annalouoflondon or follow us on Facebook.

Everyone's Wearing... Personalised Bar Necklaces

Want to know what the latest jewellery trend to sweep the celeb nation is? Of course you do. Now what if we also told you that this is one of the easiest celebrity trends to try this year? And it's a piece of jewellery that you can literally wear with anything? Frantically nodding at your computer screen about now, eager to hear more? Well folks we've noticed that everyone who's anyone has been wearing the oh so chic and oh so beautiful personalised bar necklaces of late. Celebrities wearing bar necklacesFrom Drew Barrymore and Elle Fanning to the gorgeous Blake Lively, the celebs can't get enough of this sleek trend. More subtle than the name necklace, more sophisticated than the initial necklace, this piece can be worn for day or night, dressed up or dressed down. Bloggers wearing Bar NecklacesYou only need to take a quick look at the bloggers and street style stars to get more than a few options of how to wear this gem, from Aimee Song's professional look to Jules Sarinana's weekend downtime option. But the best part about this trend is that everyone can wear it and everyone can be unique at the same time. At Anna Lou of London you can personalise your bar necklace with any name or phrase you choose and with our designs starting at just £30, getting the look won't break the bank. Check out our mini gif below for some ideas and shop our range here. Bar Necklace Gif What do you think of this trend? Would you wear a personalised bar necklace?

Everyone's Wearing... Ear Cuffs!

The trend for ear cuffs has come and gone over the last year without really making too much of a splash. After last year's Punk inspired Met Ball where Sienna Miller and Cara Delevigne were both seen adorning ear jewels of the edgy and spiky variety, there were ripples to suggest that this might be a trend about to blow up. But alas, apart from within the true punk scene, so far the ear cuff hasn't really taken off in mainstream fashion. Celebrities wearing ear ciffs Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Cara Delvigne at the Met Ball 2013. Image sources here. But after seeing a few of the, shall we say, less risque celebrities donning some upper ear bling on the red carpet lately, we are here to ask; Could 2014 be the year of the ear cuff? This year's revival already seems a little different however. Instead of being an accessory to toughen up your leather jacket and give off a 'don't mess with me' vibe, the ear cuff now seems to be taking a much more sophisticated route, being worn alongside chic up-do's, evening gowns and flawless make up. Celebrity Ear Cuff trend From L-R: Emma Watson, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Lara Bingle and Sarah Hyland. Images sources here. First spotted on our favourite quintessential English rose, Emma Watson, who is normally known for her demure red carpet style, her cuff of choice was adorned with tiny swarovski crystals proving this accessory needn't be pigeon holed. This statement was followed swiftly by Miranda Kerr, who donned her cute as a button cuff with an oh so casual outfit, Jennifer Lawrence who wore a beautiful sparkling number at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere, Jessica Alba who chose a sophisticated snaking number and most recently with Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland choosing to compliment her chic up-do with a blingtastic cuff at The Grammy's this week. Yup, you heard it here first. It looks like the ear cuff is re-appearing in a much more glamourous form, and this time it might just be here to stay. What do you think of the ear cuff trend and how would you wear it? Tweet us @annalouoflondon, send us a pic of yours on Instagram or leave us a comment on Facebook.

The Top Trends from The Golden Globes 2014

We love a good red carpet event here at ALOL and this years Golden Globes was a feast for the eyes as the celebrities hit the carpet in all sorts of beautiful gowns, statement accessories and to die for jewellery. Here we've rounded up some of our favourite trends from the night and do let us know what you loved too. Top Trends from the Golden Globes 2014... 1. Red Red at Golden Globes 2014 Red was the colour of the night with a whole host of celebrities ditching the usual black or metallic gowns for show stopping scarlet numbers, without even a hint of carpet clashing worry. Our favourite outfit of the night had to go to Emma Watson who pulled off this Dior backless dress and trouser combo to perfection, but we also loved Amy Adams plunging neckline and Nupita Nyoung's Caped Ralph Lauren showcase. 2. Turquoise jewels Turquoise jewels at Golden Globes 2014 A theme for the night was all black ensembles teamed with bright blue and turquoise jewellery. Obviously we approve of any stand out jewellery on the red carpet and we thought both Emma Roberts and Sofia Verbara pulled it off to perfection. Which do you prefer? Get the look with our top turquoise pieces. 3. Monochrome Golden Globes 2014 Fashion Clean lines and monochrome colourways were top of the bill for many of the stars, and Tom Ford could be thanked for most of these styles. Our favourite monochrome looks were Hayden Panitierre and Girls star Allison Williams in Alexander McQueen. Get the monochrome look here. 4. Emerald Green Emerald Green at Golden Globes 2014 On the jewellery side, many of our stars opted for emerald green gems. Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis and Helen Mirren were all spotted in beautiful emerald earrings, while Olivia Wilde went head to toe in the colour with a slinky Gucci gown. We were green with envy at it all. Shop emerald pieces here. 5. Slicked back Hair Hair Trends Golden Globes 2014 The top hair trend of the evening seemed to be of the slick variety. From Hayden Pannittiere and Jessica Chastain in backwards bouffants, and Kelly Osbourne and Drew Barrymore slicking it sideways. We're still not convinced on this hair trend, what do you think? Who were your best dressed at the Golden Globes? We'd love to hear your thoughts, Tweet us @annalouoflondon or leave us a comment on Facebook.

Everyone's Wearing - Insect Inspired Jewellery!

Creepy crawlies around your neck, eight legged monsters hanging from your ears and winged beasties adorning your wrists... No don't worry you haven't gone back in time and landed on a Halloween post, although you could be forgiven for thinking so. No we are in fact talking about insect inspired jewellery! Despite their less than favourable appearances and ability to make even grown men scream, it seems insects and creepy crawlies are crawling onto the jewellery scene in a big way for 2014 and everyone's got the bug for the trend. (sorry couldn't resist!) Ok so you've probably dabbled in the insect thing before, maybe a bee around your neck or a dragonfly on your ring. But this time we are not talking about those cute and colourful, buzzing around in the sunshine and landing on daisies, kind of insects. For the newest amalgamation of the trend, the bigger and uglier the beast the better. Get the Look - Bug JewelleryFirst spotted on the Lanvin SS14 catwalk, where gold and bejewelled beetles, mosquitos and wasps adorned every model's wrists, neck and hair, these creatures have been swarming their way into the fashion world ever since. Insects have always been a source of inspiration for jewellery designers but never before has the trend been so literal in fashion. There are plenty of options if you want to try the trend from designer to high street (check out ASOS for insect laden statement necklaces) and you can even start slow with our fun spider pendants. So can't imagine having an insect on your wrist? Well how about in your hair or around your neck? Now may be the time to embrace the creepy crawlie, just like Blake Lively! Let us know what you think of the trend by tweeting us @annalouoflondon or leaving us a comment on our Facebook page!

Everyone's Wearing... Slogan Jewellery!

You've heard of slogan tees but now allow us to introduce you to slogan jewellery (and the slogan necklace to be precise). Not to be confused with the name necklace or initial necklace, the slogan necklace is from an altogether different family of jewels! While the name and initial necklaces are personal, often quite dainty and fairly subtle, its slogan counterpart is bold, loud, powerful and aims to make a statement. First seen on the likes of Lanvin's AW13 catwalk show, this trend has slowly filtered down to the high street and strong messaging through jewellery is now big news. There have been many variations of Lanvin's now infamous words of 'happy', 'cool' and 'help' but you can find lots of other options too. Whether you prefer handwritten scrolls or block capital charms doesn't really matter, the key with this trend is to choose powerful and inspiring words to really give your jewellery the wow factor. So what words or phrases speak to you? What would you choose to dangle around your neck? Although you may already be aware of our bespoke name necklaces at Anna Lou of London, what you perhaps didn't know is that we can create that same design with any word or words of your choice. So if instead of 'Anna' you'd rather have 'Awesome' then that's no problem. We also do the same thing with our name bracelets and our knuckle duster rings and we can even add a hashtag if you want to be really of the moment. If this all sounds a little too in your face for your style then check out our engraved tag necklaces which come with various inspirational words adorned such as 'Dream' 'Happy' and 'Achieve'. If you want something quirky, and more affordable, then peruse the Miss Anna range of slogan necklaces with everything from 'Billionare' to 'Lady' in bright colours. Will you be joining the slogan crew this season?  

Wedding Fever...

Ever since our fave celeb couple Kimye got engaged in the most extravagant proposal we’ve seen in Celebville for years, we can’t help but get wedding fever and just come over all giddy at the thought of their big day! If the engagement is anything to go by (NFL pitch, brass band, film crew) then we are in for a reality show treat when the day itself comes.

Of course not every bride dreams of a wedding this extreme but we can definitely take some tips from the celebs when it comes to planning our own weddings. If you too have recently got engaged or are planning a wedding, here’s a few celeb inspired tips for your big day. Why only the bride in white? - Ever since The Duchess of Cambridge had her sister and only bridesmaid Pippa wear ivory too, there has been an influx of neutral coloured bridesmaids. Previously seen as the utmost of disrespect to wear anything which may resemble the bridal colour, nowadays neutral ivories and pale pinks are considered most chic for your bridal party. Make your accessories do the talking - ok technically this isn’t a real wedding but in most girls books its just as important. When Carrie stepped out to marry Mr Big her headwear was just as much a talking point as her dress was. Who says you can’t wear a giant feather on your head to get married? Don’t be afraid to defy convention - not a typical bride? don’t feel bad for wanting to do something different. When Jerry Hall married Mick Jagger she eschewed the typical white gown in favour of something altogether more colourful and wore traditional Balinese dress.

Allow yourself to be self indulgent - when GBBO finalist Ruby Tandoh called weddings an exorcism in narcism she shocked brides the nation over but why be ashamed to want the day to be all about you? You're inviting friends and family to watch as you mark an important date in your life (and your paying for their dinner) so don’t be afraid to make it your day. Take inspiration from Victoria and David Beckham who sat atop King and Queen thrones on their wedding day.

and finally... Do things your way - one thing we can take from all celeb weddings is that they never compromise on what they want from their big day. Even if you're not flush for cash like them its important to remember that your wedding day isn’t about pleasing other people, it’s about what you and your other half want so don’t be too swayed by others opinions. Want to wear a black dress? Want winter flowers in summer? Want a best man instead of a bridesmaid? Everyone wants something different from their day so go right ahead. If you are planning a wedding, why not let us help with the accessories. Check out our range of hair accessories and jewellery suitable for the big day.

Everyone's Wearing... Rose Gold Jewellery

As the Winter draws in, the jewellery trends tend to change for the colder months and we always find that as the weather gets colder the jewellery gets warmer. Rose gold jewellery in particular tends to be the easiest metal shade to rock come Winter. Perhaps it's because it compliments all skin tones, warms up even the coldest, palest of faces and brightens an outfit. Perhaps it's because wearing it gives a rosy glow that silver and gold don't achieve, or perhaps we all just need to look at the world through rose tinted glasses to get us through a long British Winter. Whatever the reason, rose gold jewellery can be a great investment as part of your AW wardrobe. With that in mind we are sharing our favourite rosy pieces from our collection, along with tips on how to wear them... how to wear rose gold jewellery1. The Rose Gold Locket Why buy? Because there is nothing more timeless than a locket! Engrave it with a name or date, fill with your favourite picture and you will treasure forever. How to Wear? A locket really can be worn with anything but we recommend using it as the base necklace for a rose gold layered look - see our post on how to layer for tips! To see the Rose Gold Locket click here. 2. The Rose Gold Stacking Rings Why Buy? Because stacking rings are still having a moment and let's face it we can see why. Why wear only one when you can show off three? These particular ones have a wonderfully classic feel to them that will ensure you can mix and match them with any other rose gold styles. How to Wear? Pile these on with other favourites and create a truly eclectic ring candy look! Check out the Rose Gold Stacking Rings here. 3.  The Rose Gold Engraved Heart Bracelet Why Buy? Because wearing your heart on your sleeve has never looked better than this. How to Wear? Engrave with a name, date or saying and team with a breton tee and a statement red lip for a true Parisian chic look. Shop the Rose Gold Engraved Heart Bracelet here. 4. The Rose Gold Teardrop Studs Why Buy? Because they combine rose gold, crystals and an elegant shape - these will be your ultimate party season earring! How to Wear? These call for a touch of glamour and with their 1920's feel we are thinking sequin flapper dress, statement heel and fur coat. Shop the Rose Gold Teardrop Studs here. What do you think of our rose gold choices? Do you wear warmer jewellery colours in the Winter?