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As a wise woman once said: "Who runs the world? Girls" - and we couldn't agree more. There's never been such a great time to be female, and there's so many inspirational female role models making us stand up and be counted. With the likes of Beyonce empowering us to have babies and run our own businesses at the same time; Emma Watson encouraging men to to lift up and support women via the "He For She" campaign; and even the Oscar's encouraging press to ask female actresses about their work instead of their dress - it's becoming clear that women are now a force to be reckoned with. Campaigns are now running across the globe to establish female equality in all sectors of society - and all daily activities we undertake. At Anna Lou we couldn't agree more. Every woman should feel empowered and free to express herself however she chooses, without question or comment. International Women's Day is a chance to reflect on the female place in society, and lift up those inspirational ladies in our life. Whether it's a family member or friend, Women's Day is a chance to remind them why they're so special. From running our own businesses, to raising a family, to training like a beast in the gym, to dressing fabulously every day - wherever you are and whatever you do, you are ALL girl bosses. In celebration of this special day, in true Anna Lou style we've decided to honour some inspirational, well accessorised ladies who we could all learn a lot from! image1 (3) Our girl Emma Watson is a true female icon, and an Anna Lou fan to boot! She knows that accessories are the best way to add personality and edge to an outfit, and does so effortlessly with crystal-adorned oversized initials and chunky earrings. Better yet, she's an inspiration to women everywhere - and was recently appointed the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for her efforts with the He for She campaign, a movement aiming to involve men in the fight for gender equality. Tune into a Q/A with Emma this Sunday in honour of International Women's Day over on her Facebook, where she hopes to tackle gender equality questions and issues.    

Personalised initial crystal necklace - £27

Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings - £47


image1 (5)

Meryl Streep is pretty much the First Lady of Britain. She's living proof that both talent and style can age gracefully, and she's a passionate campaigner for feminism in Hollywood to boot. Meryl has nailed her roles as powerful females in previous films (we still get nightmares about her portrayal of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada) and has delivered powerful speeches rallying directors to create more movies telling stories about women. She was also spotted enthusiastically cheering at everything Patricia Arquette said in her Oscar acceptance speech this year - calling for gender wage equality. As well as all of that, Meryl is the epitome of timeless style and knows the power of a statement earring, which is something us at Anna Lou can only hold the utmost respect for!

Geometric studs - £7.50

Personalised monogram earrings - £92


image1 (4)

Our style icon from across the pond, Olivia Palermo, is also a hard working and inspirational lady - she's turned her hand to acting, modelling, writing and even interior design. She's also a brand ambassador for Pikolinos, aiming to provide a Kenyan tribe with a better quality of life. We're tired just writing her profile! Since her television stint back in 2009, Olivia has risen to prominence as an internationally-renowned style icon, always looking effortlessly chic for every occasion - and it's certainly a well-deserved title. We obviously think Olivia deserves recognition due to her impressive collection of statement necklaces, which rightly form a fundamental part of her day to day look! Get the look yourself by layering statement necklaces over a simple white shirt for a timeless and chic look to make Palermo proud.

Feather Bib Necklace - £20

By Charlea Glanville


Hello March, and hello the official start of Spring! With official British Summer Time just weeks away, you have full permission to get excited about this glorious new season - leaves will become green, flowers will grow, and we can finally start shedding those heavy Winter coats and tights. With the promise of Spring comes the promise of Spring fashion, and more often than not, florals. So in the spirit of the new season, Anna Lou's encouraging you all to push up daisies and don your rose-tinted specs with our pick of Springtime floral jewels.

Purple Rose Studs - £24


Clover Necklace - £67.50

Play up to the trend and adorn your earlobes with 3D rose studs - a quick and easy way to give your look an easy, breezy Spring update. Or add a subtle hint of rose with a rose gold piece. The clover pendant necklace also nods to another key March event and Brit tradition - St Patrick's Day - and looks totally stylish to boot.

Daisy earrings - £7.50

Hyacinth bracelet - £19

Be a daisy dream with the classic choice: daisy stud earrings. Available in a range of colours, these cute studs will become your go-to Spring accessory. Or play down Spring florals with a clasically chic floral bracelet in a choice of mixed metals - a glamorous way to incorporate a floral edge to your new season look.

Whether you opt for roses or daisies to add some punch to your SS '15 look, one things for sure: go floral or go home.

By Charlea Glanville

STREET STYLE: London Fashion Week


If you follow us on Twitter, you'll know that the Anna Lou team took to the infamous cobbles of Somerset House yesterday in a mission to bring you our updates from the front line of the last day of London Fashion Week. This four-day feast of all things fashionable and fabulous has become as much about street style as it is shows, with groups of super chic bloggers and stylish Brits flocking towards the venue to debut amazing outfits for the awaiting press and camera crews. So with our cameras poised and eyes wide, Team Anna Lou set out to hunt down as much amazing jewellery as possible - in order to bring our readers the latest trends straight from the front line. Aren't you lucky? Without further ado...




The icy February chill meant everyone was wrapped up as snugly as possible in coats and scarves, which in turn made it harder than ever to scope out eye-catching jewellery - until we started ring hunting! Statement, stacked up rings adorned the fingers of every fashionista lining the cobbles; there was hardly a hand in sight without some sort of sparkle on it. Get the look by stacking up some personalised Anna Lou rings alongside classic designs for a special take on this trend.

Initial Heart Ring - £40

- - -




Much like rings, statement necklaces were the easiest way to add jewellery swag to cosy coats and jumpers. Layering chunky necklaces over turtle neck jumpers upgrades a whole outfit in ten seconds or less - just opt for colour and sparkle and remember: the bigger, the better!

Lady necklace - £25

- - -



For classic girls, fear not - as simple and stylish jewellery looks set to stick around. Strings of pearls and sparkling stones are completely timeless, and can give an outfit some understated glamour. Or nab your very own personalised piece to give a touch of personality to your look.

Initial Necklace - £67.50

Pearl Initial Bracelet - £18

- - -


And of course we were delighted to see patriotic fashion continuing its reign on the streets of London! Ooze Brit pride with punchy Union Jack accessories and royal colours. One look that will never go out of fashion!

Union Jack stud earrings - £20

And if all of that is still leaving you overwhelmed as far as fashion goes, make like this clever chap and cover it all up with something really statement - and comfy too. We'll see you next year, LFW!


By Charlea Glanville


Spring is on the horizon (honest!), and with the promise of longer days and warmer temperatures comes a new set of style rules - helping to make the transition from Winter's cosy cocoon of coats and tights just a little more exciting. As is typical of Spring fashion, catwalks have been decorated with floral fancies - except this time they're packing more of a punch. Yep, for S/S '15 it's all about bold florals. Think vibrance. Think colour. Think bold and busy patterns reminiscent of Liberty London and 70s styling. Whether it's a tropical explosion or a vintage smattering, the rule of bold florals is simple: the bigger and more colourful, the better. The brave will dive straight in, pairing bright floral trousers with a matching jacket to echo their vibrant confidence, and top it all off with bold floral accessories to boot. Attention-grabbing paradise earrings will take you straight to Brazil and have you giving off seriously chic flower power vibes.

Acrylic Paradise Earrings - £24

For those who want to dodge any risk of looking like a walking greenhouse, a pair of floral earrings will complement your bright Spring-time glow without over-egging the pudding. Opt for a 3D version with crystals for an injection of glamour.

Daisy Resin Earrings - £7.50

Heritage Rose Earrings - £24

  Or if you're more of a wallflower and prefer the classic look, you can't go far wrong with gold hues and subtle shapes. Simply layer over a white shirt for a fast fash update on your day-to-day style.  

Hyacinth Necklace - £21

By Charlea Glanville


Still reeling from last weekend's BAFTAs and its showcase of talent, glitter and glamour? Don't worry, us too. But despite how fantastic and worthy the prize winners are, year on year we can't help but swoon even more over the array of beautiful dresses parading down that red carpet. Just us? When it comes to formal wear, accessories can often take a bit of a back seat, but this year we were delighted to notice some sterling efforts amongst the BAFTAs jewellery wearers - showing us all how to add that glamorous finishing touch to our formal wear.      This ensemble may have earned Reese Witherspoon some cruel comparisons to a bottle of grape juice (personally, we think she looks fab), but her jewellery was completely faultless. A simple sparkly cuff meant Reese's shape-enhancing purple punch did all the talking for her, but injected some interest into an otherwise streamlined look. Get a similar look by adding Anna Lou's monogram disc bracelet to your formal look. Simple enough to match every dress, yet special enough to add some interest, this stunning chain bracelet can be engraved with your own monogrammed initials for a party piece everyone will be talking about. (£54)   Alice Eve's dramatic black gown is perfectly framed by scraped back hair, a pop of red lipstick and silver jewellery. Like Reese, Alice's silver cuff adds some extra attention to her colour block outfit. However, real fash points go to her silver drop earrings - the ideal accessory to keep some interest at the top half of a simple gown and draw focus to her beautiful face, of course. Wear the XO earrings with a simple black gown and add life to your look in less than 5 seconds. (£80)   Another member of the cuff club, Dianna Agron, shows us how it's done with chunky gold accessories and a sassy quiff. Adding gold is a sure fire way to luxe up your formal look, and works well here by adding edge to a romantically draped gown. Work the look without spending an arm and a leg, by adding a stack of Forget Me Knot bangles and your sassiest pout. (£35 each)   By Charlea Glanville


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and in Anna Lou’s world that only means one thing: presents. Whether it’s Valentine's Day gifts for a girlfriend, best friend, mother, or just a little something for yourself (after all, you deserve it…) – the infamous day is a reminder that it’s time to show someone close to your heart how much they really mean to you. FOR GIRLFRIENDS… Firstly, you’re probably feeling really smug because you and your special lady get to indulge in traditional Valentines activities, ranging from the cringey giant teddy bear and bunch of roses, right through to a fancy dinner reservation and bottle of champagne. However, if another box of Thornton’s just isn’t going to cut it this year, don’t panic – Anna Lou is on hand to help you say it right with a piece of unique British jewellery that will be cherished for years to come.

Love necklace - £54

FOR BEST FRIENDS… In the mid 90’s, five wise ladies descended upon the nation and decided it was time for us girls to stand up and be noticed. With their “Girl Power” campaign and daring outfits, the classically British Spice Girls have sent a message that’s lasted through the years: us girls have got to stick together. So with this in mind, what better way to empower your BFFL than with some fresh new jewels? Pieces adorned with hearts and lips give a subtle acknowledgement of V-Day, and will take you right through from daytime to dancefloor come February 14th.

Acrylic Lips necklace - £15

  FOR MOTHERS… Let’s face it, you owe her one. She’s fed you, clothed you, changed hundreds of your nappies, and helped you to become the (almost) grown-up you are today, and it’s about time you gave something back. A personalised piece will make Mum feel truly special, and gain you those all-important brownie points in the process – so what are you waiting for?

Initial sideways necklace - £67.50

FOR YOU… You are fabulous, and there’s absolutely no shame in spoiling yourself every once in a while (trust Anna Lou!). So if the thought of Cupids and rose petals is getting you a little down, give yourself a much-deserved pick-me-up. Whether it’s a box of your favourite chocolates, a massage or some new arm candy, V-Day is the perfect excuse to give yourself a little boost. A delicate heart themed piece is an understated way to mark the day.

Heart Cuff - £42

By Charlea Glanville


Could this be the simplest trend to pull off? If you’re anything like me, there’s bound to be a cluster of single earrings, you've lost one side to but you can’t bear to throw them away. Now the perfect solution has come our way, in the form of the single earring! That’s right, I said earring – and no, you haven’t read that wrong. Louis Vuitton, Celine, Tory Burch and many more, sent their models down the fall 2014 runway with one big statement earring in preference over the traditional matching earrings. Now, I must admit, initially I was a little apprehensive about this fashion trend, what if no-one realised I was going for the one earring look? What if it just looks like I’ve lost the other side of my earring? However, this trend has been gaining momentum off the catwalk with some of the most stylish ladies rocking this mismatching look. Most notably our girl crush Emma Watson has been supporting this trend on various red carpet appearances. The perfect mixture of cool and pretty, try styling this with simple clothing to put focus on the jewellery.

Achieve the same look with our Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings £47.00



Arrow Earrings £17.50* - RRP £35.00

coin earrings

Gold Coin Earrings £65.00


Cuff Earrings £25.00

Will you try this trend?

*On sale for a limited time.

By Hyejin Kwon


Tailoring has returned once again, however this year it comes without the masculine tag. Instead soft loose cut fabrics bring a touch of femininity to the usually androgynous outfit. Tailored outfits have come a long way since it's association with old stuffy men, and more synonymous with fresh, sleek and effortlessly chic. This mixture of classic tailoring and fluid, soft cuts create a relaxed feminine silhouette. The focus isn't to look masculine as Todd Lynn states “Keep those heels high… It’s about a great fit and a fearless approach to dressing, without the appearance of the old power suit.” Timeless structured fabric along with slouchy lines create a sexy, minimalistic and sophisticated look. Think oversized coats & jackets, wide-leg trousers, crisp shirt, classic waistcoat and man-style shoes. Many designers have experimented with tailoring for women from Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein to Christopher Kane. This is one trend you need to try this year, and done right, you will look effortlessly sleek.

A blend of casual and tailored. Mix your everyday clothes,such as a white t-shirt or jeans with fitted blazers or loose-fit trousers.

 This white number oozes cool and fresh and effortlessness. An unusual collarless blazer add fluidity to the outfit while the white heels will make the legs look longer than it actually is. Hurrah!

Head to toe tailoring done right. Make sure to add a feminine accessories and high heels to soften the look.

Dainty minimal jewellery is a preferred for this look.

cross bracelet

Personalised Engraved Cross Bracelet available at £54.00

silver balance necklace

Personalised Balance Necklace available at £70.00

hear ring

Initial Heart Ring available at £40.00.

By Hyejin Kwon


Ariana Grande, born and raised in Florida in 1993, began her career in the Broadway musical 13 before landing a role on the Nickelodeon show Victorious in 2009, and afterwards a spin-off series Sam & Cat. A platform in which her singing career could take off, Ariana Grande since then has two albums which debuted at the number one spot in the Billboard 200. Along with her career, her style is beginning to generate interest within the fashion world. Her signature style of sweetheart necklines, full skirts and floral prints gives a modern twist on the classic trends. Whether she’s walking the red carpet or performing on-stage Ariana’s style is always cute, feminine, flirty and retro. From flirty high-waisted skirts, to sweet sweatshirts to classy dresses, this budding fashion icon knows what she likes and always looks good in it!

Rocking a Monochrome shift dress, she replicates the '60s mod go-go look.

Sweet-heart neckline, full swing dress, floral print. Ariana puts a darker spin on her signature style.

On trend, in this head to toe knit gear, Ariana paired it with a pair of retro boots, staying true to her signature style whilst being on trend.

Cute, fluffy jumper with a bow tied around the neckline. Ariana is certainly the queen of cute and girly when it comes to fashion.

ever after heart necklace

Ever After Silver Heart Necklace available at £43.50

stripy bow hairslide

Acrylic Stripy Bow Hairslide available at £15.00


PS. I Love You Ring available at £30.00

sugar sweet icecream earring

Acrylic Sugar Sweet Ice-cream Earring available at £22.50

What's your favourite look?

By Hyejin Kwon


‘Tis the season to party! Although Christmas is well is truly over, the party must go on! If you are anything like me, after all the Christmas and New Year parties, you’re left with nothing new to wear but an old lumpy jumper and clothes that haven’t seen daylight in a long while. Although sale season has kicked in, for those last minute party goers like me, a trusty LBD is your only option for the night out you’ve only decided to attend 2 hours before it begins. You can’t go wrong with a plain black dress, it’s non offensive and the best part? It can be worn over and over again, consecutively and no one will catch on (hopefully) that you’ve been wearing the same dress on multiple occasions within the same week. How does one go about doing this you ask? Why, simply with jewellery of course! From glamorous, dazzling, sexy, cute to show-stopper or understated; with the right accessories you can achieve any style you fancy! Below are a few of the many party perfect jewellery we offer at Anna Lou of London.


Make a bold historic statement with this Coin Necklace available at  £125.00


Freshwater Pearl Earrings available at £47.00

crystal hair pin

Crystal Avalanche Hair Clip available at £18.00


Snowflake Necklace available at £30.00


Teardrop Necklace available at £22.00*

*Offer available for a limited time only. RRP £40.00

By Hyejin Kwon