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There’s a reason why you’re likely to feel the post-Christmas blues in February. The weather usually reaches its most freezing lows; monotonous daily routine is finally called back into service; you’re feeling disheartened after breaking almost all of your New Year’s resolutions already; and, of course, January sales are well and truly over (sniff). All of this can leave you feeling a little down in the dumps, and frankly we’re not surprised – but that doesn’t mean you should put up with it. It’s time to get proactive, re-energize and start to feel the motivation with some of Anna Lou’s top tips:
  1. There is nothing more soothing than shutting yourself off from the world and spending half an hour soaking in a hot bubble bath (trust us). Simply add your favourite fragranced bath salts and feel brand new in no time at all.
  2. A cup of tea and slice of cake may be an old-fashioned British pick-me-up, but it’s definitely one that still works. Anna Lou recommends English Breakfast Tea and classic Victoria Sponge for a sugar-coated hit of happy.
  3. Reading inspirational messages and quotes can often help to put things into perspective, and Anna Lou’s inspirational jewellery combines beautiful words with stunning jewellery for a piece that will bring joy in every wear. Each symbol represents something different: the Hamsa hand symbolises protection; the rabbit symbolises luck; the star represents ambition; and the heart everlasting love – so each piece will inspire you in different ways. Choose from a variety of pieces in your choice of finish, each engraved with beautiful words for instant motivation. Well done, you've almost made it through February - it's time to treat yourself!

Gold Hamsa Hand necklace - £56.50

Silver Lucky Rabbit necklace - £36.50

Rose Gold Ever After stud earrings - £64

Gold Shooting Star necklace - £56.50

By Charlea Glanville

You Can Never be Overdressed

As you might remember, we sent Emily of Emily Divine an engraved heart bracelet which she styled in her story ‘Red stripes and Daisy print’, well Emily’s back, and back with her is her famous heart bracelet! This time, Emily’s out and about in a 60s style outfit and as ever, she’s looking stunning. Read Emily’s style tips below…   You Can Never be Overdressed By Emily Divine   ‘Someone once told me that you can never be overdressed. I think they were right.’

Emily Divine You Can Never be Overdressed 1

‘If I let you in to a little wardrobe secret, it's that I don't really own many 'casual' clothes.’

Emily Divine You Can Never be Overdressed Engraved Heart Bracelet 2

‘In my books, it's all about how you wear it. Take this cute shift dress for example. Technically it should be occasionwear by nature, but styled with some bright shoes and some white cat-eye sunglasses, you've got a perfect sixties look’

Emily Divine You Can Never be Overdressed

  To see the full post and others by Emily, see the full feature here.   All images courtesy of Emily Divine. To get Emily’s engraved heart bracelet, click here.   by Daisy Searle

Choose it, Style it, Shoot it, Engraved Heart Bracelet by Emily Divine

Thankfully, the sun has started to come back into our lives, bringing with it bright colours and florals and happiness all round! It's time to start styling spring and possibly even summer outfits for the months to come and what better than added a touch of sparkle, in this case, the engraved heart bracelet. We asked Emily, one of our blogger ambassadors to 'Choose it, Style it, Shoot it',  the engraved heart bracelet being her piece of choice. We love the Spring look that she's styled and absolutely adore that bracelet on her! She looks absolutely stunning rocking Brit Chic perfectly. Read more of Emily’s style tips below…   Red Stripes and Daisy Print by Emily Divine

Emily Divine

‘Sometimes the more casual outfits are the best. Whenever I'm asked what my 'go-to' look is, I'll always say jeans, a striped top and a slick of red lipstick.’

Emily Divine

‘In my books, stripes = good. Even better when they match the colour of your shoes.’

Emily Divine

‘My clover necklace that I had happened to have slept in, rather appropriately matched my jumper (okay, it's not quite a flower, but near enough) and happens to be my new favourite. I'm all for symbolic jewellery and positive affirmations, so hopefully my clover will bring me luck and the engraved 'Imagine' heart adorning my wrist will help keep those creative juices flowing. Anna Lou eye candy galore, huh?!’

Emily Divine

  To get your engraved bracelet and rock this Spring look too, click here. To see the full post and others by Emily, see the full feature here.   All images courtesy Emily Divine