There’s a reason why you’re likely to feel the post-Christmas blues in February. The weather usually reaches its most freezing lows; monotonous daily routine is finally called back into service; you’re feeling disheartened after breaking almost all of your New Year’s resolutions already; and, of course, January sales are well and truly over (sniff). All of this can leave you feeling a little down in the dumps, and frankly we’re not surprised – but that doesn’t mean you should put up with it. It’s time to get proactive, re-energize and start to feel the motivation with some of Anna Lou’s top tips:
  1. There is nothing more soothing than shutting yourself off from the world and spending half an hour soaking in a hot bubble bath (trust us). Simply add your favourite fragranced bath salts and feel brand new in no time at all.
  2. A cup of tea and slice of cake may be an old-fashioned British pick-me-up, but it’s definitely one that still works. Anna Lou recommends English Breakfast Tea and classic Victoria Sponge for a sugar-coated hit of happy.
  3. Reading inspirational messages and quotes can often help to put things into perspective, and Anna Lou’s inspirational jewellery combines beautiful words with stunning jewellery for a piece that will bring joy in every wear. Each symbol represents something different: the Hamsa hand symbolises protection; the rabbit symbolises luck; the star represents ambition; and the heart everlasting love – so each piece will inspire you in different ways. Choose from a variety of pieces in your choice of finish, each engraved with beautiful words for instant motivation. Well done, you've almost made it through February - it's time to treat yourself!

Gold Hamsa Hand necklace - £56.50

Silver Lucky Rabbit necklace - £36.50

Rose Gold Ever After stud earrings - £64

Gold Shooting Star necklace - £56.50

By Charlea Glanville