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DIY: What to Do With Rings That Don't Fit

ANNA-SHOT4-580_web Of all of the jewellery problems we have, we all have a big one in common: we all have rings that just don’t fit! Whether it was a ring from your younger days that is now too small, or a ring you were gifted that is way too big, we’ve all had at least one that was ill-fitting. Now what can we do with these miscellaneous additions to our jewellery boxes? If you keep rings that don’t fit you, it obviously means that you love them. And you’re not going to want to keep an item that you love locked in jewellery box prison. The first option that comes to mind is to get the ring(s) sized. Send them off to the jeweller, wait a few days, and poof! You’ve got a perfectly fitting ring. But getting your ring sized is a) a hassle, b) expensive, and c) boring. Who wants to deal with having to send off a valuable item for a few days and have it come back (possibly) looking slightly different than before, not to mention all for quite a price? Here at Anna Lou, we have found the solution that solves all of your ring problems. What we are about to show you will allow you to wear the rings that you love while showing off a unique and original style, without having to worry about the hassle of getting your rings sized. This super fun method is (drumroll please)…. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Wearing your rings as a necklace!! This is an absolutely adorable do-it-yourself idea that will allow you to add a unique piece of jewellery to your wardrobe. All you need is a chain and your ill-fitting rings. If you have an extra chain lying around in your jewellery box, this is a great way to utilize it. A plain silver, gold, or rose gold chain will do just fine. Or if you’re the kind of person who likes to spice it up, try a fun coloured chain. 07 (2) (00000002) You can also add your rings to an existing necklace to create a truly original and unique piece. See how the ring adds some texture to this necklace? Cool, right? This is also a great way to rewear some pieces that are old or that you may be starting to get sick of. Adding your rings will transform your old jewellery and make them look like new! 30 You'll be the ultimate trend setter with your gorgeous new pieces. And these looks are so easy to create at no cost to you. When your friends ask you where you got that adorable necklace, you can say “(Insert your name here) Designs!”

All About Pearls

3037_3 A type of jewellery that you don’t see much of (except maybe on older women) these days is pearl jewellery. Most teens and younger adults ditch pearls for trendier chains. But contrary to popular belief, pearls are not only for old ladies! Most people shy away from wearing them because they think it makes them look too mature. This is not true! If you’re young, you can absolutely wear pearls. What’s unique about pearls is that they hold a certain class and taste that other jewellery doesn’t have. They also match with gold, silver, and rose gold jewellery, and therefore can be worn with other jewellery. Anna Lou of London pearl initial bracelets are the perfect combination of classy and trendy. The gold/silver letters reflect the jewellery of today, while the pearls add an element of classic taste. The pearls are also a bit larger than standard pearls, which makes them a little bit funkier. These bracelets are easy to wear with others because of the initial. They are great if you want to vary the size and type of jewellery on your wrist.  Pearls may not be number one on the trend radar, but they definitely are unique and original. Especially if you pair them with other jewellery, you’ll have a look that’s cool, classic, and different from everyone else’s.

Going Gold

Gold has always been a timeless jewellery finish. For the past few seasons, however, silver jewellery has been the trend. Yet we’ve noticed that gold is making a comeback. Gold is chic, trendy, and brings out that summer tan. Real gold is perfect to wear during the summer because it doesn’t tarnish. You can wear it to the beach, in the pool, playing sports…wear it anywhere and it will stay shiny and beautiful. Gold is also perfect for going out, especially when paired with a dark outfit (preferably black). Think of gold and black as the power couple; both colours are sophisticated, timeless, and currently trending. Gold and black can also carry over between seasons. It seems that the gold trend is going to stay for a while, so you can wear gold and black through the fall and winter as well. gold c This isn’t to say that gold jewellery is better than silver, because sometimes it’s not. Of course, if the gold jewellery isn’t real, it will tarnish just as quickly, if not more quickly, than silver. Silver jewellery also pairs well with black and looks nice with summer colours. But the current trend is gold, and gold is bold at the moment. Because the gold trend is relatively new, it can be difficult to switch to gold jewellery if you’ve been wearing silver for so long. The solution would be to go two-tone: pair gold and silver jewellery together. This is also an emerging trend, and is just as elegant and sophisticated as wearing all gold jewellery. Pairing two-tone jewellery with black, or pretty, summery outfits is great as well. choker   Needless to say, gold is the way to go this season. Try it out: whether you go two-tone or all-out gold, you're bound to look amazing.

Statement Necklaces: A Work of Art

There are so many ways to make a statement with your jewellery. We’ve already talked about stacking up bracelets, layering necklaces, rings, ear crawlers, and cuffs…But we haven’t yet talked about statement necklaces. Sometimes layering can be too much. Or maybe you don’t always feel like layering, or dealing with ear cuffs, etc. A statement necklace is the perfect solution. What is a statement necklace? Obviously, it's a bold, daring piece that adds strength and flare to your look. It can be a piece with geometric shapes, big jewels, lots of metal, etc. Anything thick or chunky that draws the eye in will make the perfect statement piece. Many runway looks currently feature outfits accessorized these big, bold necklaces. Often only small bracelets or rings will be featured with these looks, but more often nothing at all is added. Statement necklaces are great because they draw the eye straight to the centre of the outfit. The focus, obviously, is the piece itself. The outfit becomes a sort of backdrop to the piece. But it isn’t like the backdrop is never seen. In every work of art, your eye is first attracted to the main focus, and then it floats to what is going on in the background. So it makes your outfit a work of art, where the focus is the necklace, but the rest of the outfit is still seen and appreciated.

Tips to Getting the Right Prom Dress for your Body Type

I’m sure you would have figured out by this point that everybody is different in so many ways; one of the most obvious ways is evident in the many different body types that each person is blessed or struggles with. Some people seem to have come out of a mould of fashion perfection while others, well, some of us need to work a little harder with what we have. If you’re not a perfectly figured girl with optimum curves and fashion industry standard length legs, don’t worry as this only means one thing: you are perfectly normal. Hollywood has led a lot of us to believe that if you aren’t rocking Kate Moss’ curves, you don’t stand a chance of looking elegant in clothes. Well, I’m here to tell you that that is utter rubbish. Looking great in a good dress depends a lot on your body type, but that doesn’t mean only a few select body types can look great; it just means that everyone, (even the perfect girls) have to work hard and with no small amount of creativity to find the right prom dress that best suits their body type. So here are a few styles, each designed to make you look great regardless of your personal insecurities about your body. 1. High low prom dresses These are great for the daring girl who wants to exhibit a brave sense of style. There’s just one problem; they only really suit a very specific range of heights. Girls of around 5 feet will feel comfortable and elegant in these dresses, while shorter girls may feel slightly frumpy in them, and taller ladies might feel like they are wearing a loin cloth. Of course once you’ve brought the dress it is relatively easy to make adjustments for it to suite your body type, which makes the dress workable for anyone. 2. Plus sized dresses It almost felt like a dirty word typing that out, but why should it? Many women have severe insecurities about their weight and feel that their size limits them and their sense of style. The months leading up to prom are littered with statements like “I need to lose X pounds before I can fit into my dress.” This really isn’t necessary. Celebrate and express who you are because you are beautiful. If you can’t fit into the unrealistic mannequin-sized dresses, don’t starve yourself. Instead, find the dress you like in a plus sized range. Most designers make them for all their styles. The Sherri Hill prom dresses for women come in a variety of cuts to suit any body type. 3. Short prom dresses Short skirts –love them or hate them— are perfect for ladies who are proud of their feminine curves and love looking sexy. But that is not all they are for. On hot nights they can offer coolness, on cold nights they can be paired with leggings, and on long nights they can offer comfort. If you wear them, they will further boost your confidence on the night by making you feel free, elegant, and sexy. 4. The right cut The size and shape of your bust can have quite an impact on the look you choose to go for. Strapless gowns that show a bit of shoulder are great for those of us who are flat-chested. They frame the shoulders and neck to give an overall look of complete bodily beauty. It is a fallacy often believed by women and men alike that the chest is the most prominent part of the body and should therefore be highlighted wherever possible. No. Elegance, grace, and subtle sexiness have nothing to do with a lady’s chest size when you select a dress. Sizably busted ladies? You don’t always want to show the world your girls, right? A tight, well cut, closed neck top or dress is perfect for accentuating your shape and beautiful curves while still ensuring that your date keeps his eyes on your face.

Coin jewellery

Coin your style with Anna Lou’s unique statment money range. Pennies become pendants and coins become charms, to form a collection of stunning pieces that will add a special touch to your look – whatever the season. Time to strike gold or silver! Money may not bring you happiness but this collection will! 44043 For best results layer the coin jewellery collection with other various styles of jewellery to create a different look each time! Want to try something new? Why not try layering the coin bracelet with a rose gold bangle. This gold coin necklace is the perfect bling-bling accessory to add a cheeky look to your outfit. Looks great over an open shirt. Absolutely gorgeous isn’t? 4614_14564_3   There are no words to describe how much I am in love with this coin collection, it is the perfect jewellery touch that you need to spice up your outfit. Want to look and feel like a million dollars? There is no doubt this collection is for you! Now the difficult part is to choose between the silver or gold coins, my advice pick the colour that you usually don’t wear so that you can wear the coin jewellery collection with another of your favourite jewellery piece to create the ultimate two tone look. I am obsessed with layering various type of bracelets like the coin gold bracelet with my favourite coloured bangles together. coin By Claudia Bussieres

Looking Gorgeous for a High Stakes Night Out at the Casino: A Quick Guide

With many great casinos relatively close to the greater Houston area, you have a great excuse to go on a weekend getaway with your girlfriends, looking like movie stars. You're getting ready for a big night out at the casino, so of course you need to be looking your best. It's like going to an elegant gala event, so you should dress accordingly. Ever heard of the movie (and book) Breakfast at Tiffany's? We want to use classic Hollywood diva Audrey Hepburn's style at least as a starting point for an awe inspiring look for a big night out on the town. It's a classically elegant look that's both timeless and comfy. First off, you're going to need a nice dress, something like the Little Black Dress that Coco Channel pioneered: a calf length, simple, minimally decorated, figure-hugging black cocktail dress that accentuates your natural attributes. Its neutral color goes well with anything and you can probably count on one hand the number of situations where it isn't a good option to wear; the color itself makes you look slimmer and more stylized, so you'll definitely turn some heads when you walk by looking like a goddess that decided to grace the world with her light for one night. [caption width="600" align="aligncenter"] A beautiful example of the little black dress[/caption] Next on the agenda is a nice pair of comfy dress shoes. High heels are a must because they'll give you better posture, make your legs look longer and more slender, and give you a few inches to look taller. We wouldn't recommend platforms or very tall stiletto style heels because walking around in those for a very long time - even if you're just moving from table to table playing cards or roulette - can be hell on earth. The style really depends on your own personal taste, whether you like pointed pumps, open toed or roman soldier-like strap shoes. We would recommend against pantyhose and instead going bare legged because no nylon or even silk will ever look and feel as good as your own skin (just be sure to visit a waxer first - or if that's not your style, wear a killer pair of pants!) [caption width="500" align="aligncenter"] You've got to pick a pair of shoes that best suit your personal style[/caption] Accessorizing is very important, but for this look we would recommend keeping the jewelry to a minimum: maybe a nice silver necklace (this one is a personal preference; gold feels overused, but if it's your metal choice, then by all means, go ahead!), some discreet stud earrings and maybe a bangle. The idea is that since you're going to a place filled with constant flashing lights coming from slot machines, garish color schemes and loud noises, you'll need a subdued and discreet style that will contrast against this sensory overload and make you stand out more. Think of it as being an island of sobriety in the middle of a sea of gilded flamboyancy. Besides, it's never a good idea to go out of the house looking you raided Mr. T's jewelry box. Always remember that when fashion is concerned, less is more. [caption width="2033" align="aligncenter"] I pity the fool who wears too much jewelry[/caption] Next step is hair and makeup: our greatest goal here is to be comfortable, so our number one hairstyle idea is to wear it in a bun. Wearing your hair in a bun has a lot of perks: it won't fall into your face and obstruct your view at an inopportune time and you'll handle heat better with your hair like this, as it helps you keep a literally cool head. Those of you with long hair will agree with us that in warm places with a lot of people, it can get very hot and sweaty very fast, and unless you're shooting an aerobics workout video it's a hard look to pull off and rarely looks good. If you like letting your hair be wild and free, there's plenty of hairstyle options that you can use to great effect. It all depends on your type of hair really; curly hair definitely looks better when you let it hang loose, for example. Just hit up your regular stylist and ask him what he thinks would best suit your style and frame to make the most of it. For makeup, we recommend going with a smoky style for your eyes (it makes the natural color of your eyes look more intense) and a bright, Russian red lipstick (you can experiment with other colors depending on your tone of skin). One of our favorite brands is L'oreal, because their products have intense colors and a rich, luxurious texture that will make your lips look silky and smooth. It also has a lot of staying power, so you won't need to constantly excuse yourself to the ladies room to retouch your makeup. But of course, remember that you're not going just to show off, as it would be a shame to visit a casino and not take advantage of the many fun games you can play there: Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, Slots and Blackjack, among many others. It can all be a bit overwhelming if you're new to the games, so it would also be a good idea to brush up on your casino lingo so that you can maximize your fun and be a long cool woman in a black dress. The crowning touch to the ensemble is an unforgettable scent. Making specific recommendations for perfume is an especially hard task because everyone has different body chemistry and the scent may not suit them or their tastes. You can go for the classic Channel #5; it's a bit of a cliché at this point in history, but it's popular for good reason. You can also try other scents, like Paco Rabanne’s Black XS, a very daring floral aroma. Have fun and good luck!


As a wise woman once said: "Who runs the world? Girls" - and we couldn't agree more. There's never been such a great time to be female, and there's so many inspirational female role models making us stand up and be counted. With the likes of Beyonce empowering us to have babies and run our own businesses at the same time; Emma Watson encouraging men to to lift up and support women via the "He For She" campaign; and even the Oscar's encouraging press to ask female actresses about their work instead of their dress - it's becoming clear that women are now a force to be reckoned with. Campaigns are now running across the globe to establish female equality in all sectors of society - and all daily activities we undertake. At Anna Lou we couldn't agree more. Every woman should feel empowered and free to express herself however she chooses, without question or comment. International Women's Day is a chance to reflect on the female place in society, and lift up those inspirational ladies in our life. Whether it's a family member or friend, Women's Day is a chance to remind them why they're so special. From running our own businesses, to raising a family, to training like a beast in the gym, to dressing fabulously every day - wherever you are and whatever you do, you are ALL girl bosses. In celebration of this special day, in true Anna Lou style we've decided to honour some inspirational, well accessorised ladies who we could all learn a lot from! image1 (3) Our girl Emma Watson is a true female icon, and an Anna Lou fan to boot! She knows that accessories are the best way to add personality and edge to an outfit, and does so effortlessly with crystal-adorned oversized initials and chunky earrings. Better yet, she's an inspiration to women everywhere - and was recently appointed the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for her efforts with the He for She campaign, a movement aiming to involve men in the fight for gender equality. Tune into a Q/A with Emma this Sunday in honour of International Women's Day over on her Facebook, where she hopes to tackle gender equality questions and issues.    

Personalised initial crystal necklace - £27

Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings - £47


image1 (5)

Meryl Streep is pretty much the First Lady of Britain. She's living proof that both talent and style can age gracefully, and she's a passionate campaigner for feminism in Hollywood to boot. Meryl has nailed her roles as powerful females in previous films (we still get nightmares about her portrayal of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada) and has delivered powerful speeches rallying directors to create more movies telling stories about women. She was also spotted enthusiastically cheering at everything Patricia Arquette said in her Oscar acceptance speech this year - calling for gender wage equality. As well as all of that, Meryl is the epitome of timeless style and knows the power of a statement earring, which is something us at Anna Lou can only hold the utmost respect for!

Geometric studs - £7.50

Personalised monogram earrings - £92


image1 (4)

Our style icon from across the pond, Olivia Palermo, is also a hard working and inspirational lady - she's turned her hand to acting, modelling, writing and even interior design. She's also a brand ambassador for Pikolinos, aiming to provide a Kenyan tribe with a better quality of life. We're tired just writing her profile! Since her television stint back in 2009, Olivia has risen to prominence as an internationally-renowned style icon, always looking effortlessly chic for every occasion - and it's certainly a well-deserved title. We obviously think Olivia deserves recognition due to her impressive collection of statement necklaces, which rightly form a fundamental part of her day to day look! Get the look yourself by layering statement necklaces over a simple white shirt for a timeless and chic look to make Palermo proud.

Feather Bib Necklace - £20

By Charlea Glanville


The glitterati descended upon the red carpet once more last night at last night's Oscars to celebrate film's biggest achievements of the last twelve months - and as per usual, Hollywood's elite females made sure all eyes were firmly fixed on their fabulous outfits. Hemlines were low, and many dresses were billowing and loose in soft, summery colours to nod to the new season and sunnier days ahead.  Unlike other awards ceremonies this season, jewellery took centre stage - with A-lister's opting for bold, statement pieces to add some real drama to their red carpet look. Here's Anna Lou's round-up of the hottest Oscars jewellery, fresh from the paparazzi. 1. STATEMENT EARRINGS oscar earrings Earrings are undoubtedly the easiest way to add some jewellery panache to an evening look, but at this year's Academy Awards the earrings were as statement as the dresses - with teardrop shapes and plenty of glitter being the order of the day. Channel the look without the hefty price tag with some Anna Lou teardrop earrings. Available in a choice of finish, the hammered, textured detail and demure diamond will have you feeling like a red carpet regular in a flash.

Teardrop Stud Earrings - £40


oscar necklaces

Choosing a necklace to team with evening wear can often be a risky game - too big and bold can look OTT with an attention-grabbing dress, but wearing nothing at all can make a simple, coloured dress totally blend into the background. At last night's proceedings, however, Anna Wintour, Margot Robbie, Laura Dern and countless others gave us a masterclass in Pendant Perfection; opting for edgy shapes, chunky chains and long drops as a glamorous accompaniment to their stunning gowns. Be sure to pick a complementary shade to your gown to keep the look streamlined, and keep hair and make up sleek and simple for maximum impact. A classic pendant on a long chain is the perfect way to add some Wintour-esque chic, and Anna Lou's can be engraved with your own initial for that personal touch. Alternatively, opt for stacks of chunky gold coins for extra drama.

Engraved Balance Necklace - £70

Gold Coin Necklace - £125


image1 (1)

The daring and brave Scarlett Johansson and Cate Blanchett brought their necklace A-game last night, in the form of oversized, textured bib necklaces in aquatic hues. Pulling off a bib necklace can be a tricky game at the best of times, but when teamed with evening wear different rules apply. Choose contrasting colours for just the right amount of impact, and keep the outfit simple to really let your jewellery do the talking! Be Cate's copycat and throw on an Anna Lou monochrome bib necklace with your LBD (that's Long Black Dress), and be evening-ready in less than 5 seconds. Bonus points for nodding to the very current 70s trend!

monochrome necklace highres

Monochrome Bib Necklace - £20

By Charlea Glanville


Ski season is in full tilt, and while you're pelting down the side of a mountain at full speed (complete with sweat, red cheeks and flyaway hair) it can be difficult to maintain a stylish composure - despite the fact that modern ski wear is now more fashionable than ever. Then the sun sets and you're all out of energy, and that apres ski chalet/club and glass of grappa/Jagerbomb awaits - and there waits an opportunity to make your mark and show off your fabulous style as you relax in front of breathtaking scenery. When packing for a ski holiday, your jewellery and accessories are never as much of a consideration as salopettes and gloves, but there's no reason why you can't channel ski chic with a few carefully-chosen pieces. Earrings, for example, can be worn on and off the slopes without claiming too much suitcase space, and bright hair elastics can add punch to your practical ponytail or plait. Choose wisely with pieces that can be reworked with every look, and there's no reason why you can't maintain ski chic both on and off the slopes.

Alphabet studs (£36) can be personalised with your own initials or choice of letters to add a personal touch to your ensemble - scrape your hair off your face and you're good to go! Alternatively, Arrow earrings (£20) are still practical but add some extra interest, with a choice of finishes and textured hammer detail. Better yet, they can still be seen underneath your headband, hat or ski helmet!

Your special Monogram Bracelet (£78) can be worn on the slopes without causing too much annoyance, and incorporates your personality into your look in understated style. Or opt for the Mint Green with Envy arm candy set (£145). Icy hues reflect the snowy scenery around you, and the pieces in the set can be mixed and matched by day (making them great value for money), or stacked up together by night for the ultimate apres ski style statement.

Fasten a bow hair elastic (£20) onto the end of your plait to add some interest to your slope-ready hair, or secure the lips hair elastic (£15) into your ponytail and scale the slopes in style.

Whatever accessories you opt for, everyone will be swooning as you swoosh through that white powder - epitomising ski chic with the simplest additions! Easy peasy.

By Charlea Glanville