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We're feeling the wedding spirit at Anna Lou, and bringing you a series of wedding gifts that will hopefully satisfy every member of the party! Today we're talking hen parties; the magical night where we send beloved friends off into married life with one last night of debauchery and mayhem. Keep things tasteful by choosing beautiful hen party gifts that are bound to put a smile on the bride-to-be's face - from the fun to the meaningful, there's a piece of jewellery out there that will perfectly commemorate this monumental time in her life.    

Wife necklace - £25

This Wife necklace is the ideal accessory to single out the bride-to-be in your hen group! Adorned with cute crystals, this statement piece will capture the fun spirit in the air.

Mrs bracelet - £67.50

This personalised bracelet is a meaningful way to send your friend off into the exciting new chapter of her life. It's delicate and tasteful enough to be worn for every occasion (even the wedding day!) and is sure to put a smile on her face.

Pink Kiss necklace - £12.50

This lipstick necklace is a cheeky outfit addition for every diva who likes to kiss n' tell. The statement shape is a must-have this season and will certainly leave everyone guessing. Pucker up!

Crystal bow hair elastic - £20

Fun accessories are a must on any hen night, and this hair elastic is a more subtle way to hint at hen night chic. The crystals add a touch of glamour, making this bow the ultimate way to upgrade your ponytail. Bow-tiful!

By Charlea Glanville


As we enter Spring, style rules inevitably change and it becomes necessary to shake things up a bit and opt for a fresher, brighter and just generally more sunny approach. And don't just draw the line with your wardrobe either - just like clothes, your jewellery can be updated and worn differently as the seasons rotate, to add interest and a fresh twist to your new season look. Rose gold is the most summery way to wear gold jewellery once the sun comes out to play. Just like our skin (hopefully!) this type of jewellery is sun kissed and shimmery - making it your perfect poolside companion. Rose gold is as versatile as gold itself, and looks absolutely stunning worn with summer whites and beachy hair for those long hazy days spent outside. At Anna Lou everything is coming up roses - most of our jewellery comes in a rose gold finish to allow you to work this beautiful mixed metal into your jewellery collection. Here's our pick of the best rose gold jewellery that you can add to your collection today, and wear all season through. Now all we need is for that British sunshine to get his hat on!

Clover necklace - £67.50

It doesn't get more summery than this clover pendant - nodding to summery fields filled with fresh clovers and flowers, and the scent of the great British outdoors hanging in the air! Better yet, this lucky charm can be engraved with a word or name of your choice for that extra special edge. Strike it lucky!

Enamel Bangle - £32

The rose gold enamel bangle is one of those pieces you will go to again and again. It's delicate and versatile enough to be worn with any outfit for any occasion - providing welcome relief for any accessory conundrums! Wear alone to add a feminine touch, or stack up with a variety of other coloured bangles to pack extra accessories punch.

Hamsa Hand studs - £58

Hamsa hands symbolise protection, and have now become a staple part of summer festival style - whether worn on clothes, as jewellery or even a tattoo! These Hamsa stud earrings have inspirational words etched into them, so you'll be feeling that summer joy through the festival and beyond.

PS I love you ring - £30

The PS I love you ring is a true Anna Lou staple, that you'll find yourself wearing all year round. The heart shaped design makes for an eye-catching ring, and sparkling studs keep things girlie and feminine. Put a ring on it; you won't regret it.

Initial Charm - £37.50

Or if you just want to dip a toe into the rose gold trend, add a dainty charm to an existing chain and wear your rose gold however you choose. Anna Lou initial charms give a cheeky, personal edge that will make sure you're totally unforgettable.

By Charlea Glanville


Wedding season is creeping up on us once more, and many of us will already be dusting off tuxedos and fascinators ready for the Spring/Summer run of celebration and joy. If you're the groom, you're likely to be feeling a little nervous as you put those all-important finishing touches to the vows and seating plan - and gifts are probably the last thing on your mind. Well stop right there, because Anna Lou's got it covered. Make the happiest day of her life even happier with some special bridal jewellery that will forever serve as a memory of an unforgettable and life-changing day.

Monogram locket - £114

A monogram locket can be engraved with her new initials, and a special photo can be placed inside to ensure you're always close to her heart. Available in silver, gold or rose gold with a choice of chain length, this is the ideal piece to commemorate your special day.

Initial Heart Necklace - £65

Casanovas: express your love in style with the initial heart necklace, that can be personalised with your choice of initials and is available in gold, rose gold or sterling silver finish.

Ever After necklace - £43.50

Just like its name suggests, the Ever After necklace is a true symbol of everlasting love. Engraved with beautiful words reading "Happily ever after. Hand in hand. Till death do us part", this necklace is a memorable and timeless way to commemorate the special promises made in your wedding vows.

By Charlea Glanville


As a wise woman once said: "Who runs the world? Girls" - and we couldn't agree more. There's never been such a great time to be female, and there's so many inspirational female role models making us stand up and be counted. With the likes of Beyonce empowering us to have babies and run our own businesses at the same time; Emma Watson encouraging men to to lift up and support women via the "He For She" campaign; and even the Oscar's encouraging press to ask female actresses about their work instead of their dress - it's becoming clear that women are now a force to be reckoned with. Campaigns are now running across the globe to establish female equality in all sectors of society - and all daily activities we undertake. At Anna Lou we couldn't agree more. Every woman should feel empowered and free to express herself however she chooses, without question or comment. International Women's Day is a chance to reflect on the female place in society, and lift up those inspirational ladies in our life. Whether it's a family member or friend, Women's Day is a chance to remind them why they're so special. From running our own businesses, to raising a family, to training like a beast in the gym, to dressing fabulously every day - wherever you are and whatever you do, you are ALL girl bosses. In celebration of this special day, in true Anna Lou style we've decided to honour some inspirational, well accessorised ladies who we could all learn a lot from! image1 (3) Our girl Emma Watson is a true female icon, and an Anna Lou fan to boot! She knows that accessories are the best way to add personality and edge to an outfit, and does so effortlessly with crystal-adorned oversized initials and chunky earrings. Better yet, she's an inspiration to women everywhere - and was recently appointed the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for her efforts with the He for She campaign, a movement aiming to involve men in the fight for gender equality. Tune into a Q/A with Emma this Sunday in honour of International Women's Day over on her Facebook, where she hopes to tackle gender equality questions and issues.    

Personalised initial crystal necklace - £27

Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings - £47


image1 (5)

Meryl Streep is pretty much the First Lady of Britain. She's living proof that both talent and style can age gracefully, and she's a passionate campaigner for feminism in Hollywood to boot. Meryl has nailed her roles as powerful females in previous films (we still get nightmares about her portrayal of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada) and has delivered powerful speeches rallying directors to create more movies telling stories about women. She was also spotted enthusiastically cheering at everything Patricia Arquette said in her Oscar acceptance speech this year - calling for gender wage equality. As well as all of that, Meryl is the epitome of timeless style and knows the power of a statement earring, which is something us at Anna Lou can only hold the utmost respect for!

Geometric studs - £7.50

Personalised monogram earrings - £92


image1 (4)

Our style icon from across the pond, Olivia Palermo, is also a hard working and inspirational lady - she's turned her hand to acting, modelling, writing and even interior design. She's also a brand ambassador for Pikolinos, aiming to provide a Kenyan tribe with a better quality of life. We're tired just writing her profile! Since her television stint back in 2009, Olivia has risen to prominence as an internationally-renowned style icon, always looking effortlessly chic for every occasion - and it's certainly a well-deserved title. We obviously think Olivia deserves recognition due to her impressive collection of statement necklaces, which rightly form a fundamental part of her day to day look! Get the look yourself by layering statement necklaces over a simple white shirt for a timeless and chic look to make Palermo proud.

Feather Bib Necklace - £20

By Charlea Glanville


Hello March, and hello the official start of Spring! With official British Summer Time just weeks away, you have full permission to get excited about this glorious new season - leaves will become green, flowers will grow, and we can finally start shedding those heavy Winter coats and tights. With the promise of Spring comes the promise of Spring fashion, and more often than not, florals. So in the spirit of the new season, Anna Lou's encouraging you all to push up daisies and don your rose-tinted specs with our pick of Springtime floral jewels.

Purple Rose Studs - £24


Clover Necklace - £67.50

Play up to the trend and adorn your earlobes with 3D rose studs - a quick and easy way to give your look an easy, breezy Spring update. Or add a subtle hint of rose with a rose gold piece. The clover pendant necklace also nods to another key March event and Brit tradition - St Patrick's Day - and looks totally stylish to boot.

Daisy earrings - £7.50

Hyacinth bracelet - £19

Be a daisy dream with the classic choice: daisy stud earrings. Available in a range of colours, these cute studs will become your go-to Spring accessory. Or play down Spring florals with a clasically chic floral bracelet in a choice of mixed metals - a glamorous way to incorporate a floral edge to your new season look.

Whether you opt for roses or daisies to add some punch to your SS '15 look, one things for sure: go floral or go home.

By Charlea Glanville

MOTHER'S DAY: Gift guide for Fashionable Mums

Do you ever worry that your Mum is more stylish than you? As times have changed, Mums have become more and more fashionable and comfortable expressing themselves through their clothes - just as the younger generations do. While this is empowering to see, when it comes to gift-buying fashionable Mums can be an absolute nightmare. With tastes pickier than yours, how do you even go about picking a gift that will fit with her strict style rules?

With Mother's Day creeping up, your Mum deserves to be spoilt - but there's no reason why you should stick to something boring just to be on the safe side. Anna Lou has a huge collection of on-trend jewellery that dedicated fashion-loving Mums will be proud to own. And with the option to have many pieces personalised, your gift will be as special as it is stylish. The only thing you'll have to worry about now is your Mum looking better than you...

Studded Bangles - £40 each

A stack of bangles is a timeless statement of style, and these beauties go the extra fashion mile with edgy stud detailing. Available in a choice of colours - from bold to pastel hues - there's a bangle to match even the most discerning tastes.

Initial Pearl Bracelet - £18

Pearls are a classic piece of jewellery that almost every Mum is bound to have lurking somewhere in their jewellery box - they can be worn with absolutely everything and never go out of style. But fashionable Mums know it's all about adding personality, and that's why the initial pearl bracelet is a perfect gift option. Stack them up to spell out a special word - at £18 each you're not going to break the bank either. Mum's the word!

Lady necklace - £25

Really daring Mums can go the extra mile by donning an Anna Lou "Lady" necklace, with large statement letters in striking scarlet. Throw on top of a white shirt and let your jewellery do the talking!

By Charlea Glanville

MOTHER'S DAY: Gift guide for New Mums

Becoming a mum is a joyful time, and more often than not filled with kind gifts and special visitors to make your new arrival feel as welcome as possible. And while all of this is cause for celebration, it's also unsurprising for new mums to feel exhausted and overwhelmed too. Mother's Day is the ideal opportunity for Mums to put their feet up and enjoy some much needed relaxation time, and new mums need it more than most after all of their hard work! Make a new mum in your life feel extra special this Mother's Day, with a beautiful gift to capture the celebratory spirit and put a smile on her weary face.

Child Charm Necklace - £47.50

Available in a choice of finishes to suit her personal taste, the child charm necklace is a special keepsake that can grow as the family does. Each charm can be tailored to the gender of your child, and can be engraved with their name to keep them close to your heart even when you have to be apart.

Baby Feet Necklace - £54

The baby feet necklace is a memorable way to celebrate a new arrival. With a choice of different coloured discs and chains, the pendant on this necklace features a teeny pair of baby feet and can be engraved with your precious new baby's name. Wear with pride!

No 1 Mummy necklace - £67.50

Becoming a mum can be testing - there's no manual on how to do it, and most of your motherly skills are the result of learning as you go along. The No 1 Mummy necklace is a sweet gift to a new mum that will hopefully keep spirits high and remind her of what a fabulous job she's doing! The elegant bar design makes for a classic look, and can be engraved with a 13 letter word or phrase of your choice.

By Charlea Glanville

TREND UPDATE: Chunky Chains and Ball Bangles

The transitional period from Winter to Spring is an exciting time for many reasons, predominantly because with our entry into March comes the promise of brighter days and even British Summertime as the clocks change to adapt to all that daylight we're getting. However when it comes to fashion, the transition can be much trickier. Shedding that cosy Winter coat is a risky game, and don't even get us started on the tights/no tights dilemma. The good news is that at least your jewellery can be carried through the seasons, and a couple of carefully chosen pieces can be just the transitional season update you need. Anna Lou's been keeping her eyes peeled to scope out the latest jewellery trends as usual, and two particular styles have really jumped out: chunky chains and ball bangles.   CHUNKY CHAINS Daisy Lowe stormed the LFW catwalk like the pro she truly is, wearing Vivienne Westwood designs and bizarre red face paint (which apparently took ages to remove too!) - leaving us in awe once more. We couldn't help but notice the powerful chunky chain around her neck, a style that was seen throughout Anna Lou's LFW street style journey too. Start with your arm candy - this Anna Lou chain is a great base to stack up unique charms and really express your personality.

Chain bracelet - £35


 In a break from her usual grungy and raunchy style, Rihanna rocked up at Christian Dior's 2015 Cruise Show dressed in ladylike pink, paired with beautiful tumbling curls and classically chic jewellery - and was almost unrecognisable in the process! We couldn't help but lust over her choice of jewellery, stacking curved necklaces and bangles with delicate ball details to add streamlined chic to her look. Better yet, these bangles are identical to Anna Lou's newest drop - except ours feature engraved crowns for that Brit sparkle, obviously.

BANGLES (press).Regal bangles COMING SOON - £55 each

By Charlea Glanville


The glitterati descended upon the red carpet once more last night at last night's Oscars to celebrate film's biggest achievements of the last twelve months - and as per usual, Hollywood's elite females made sure all eyes were firmly fixed on their fabulous outfits. Hemlines were low, and many dresses were billowing and loose in soft, summery colours to nod to the new season and sunnier days ahead.  Unlike other awards ceremonies this season, jewellery took centre stage - with A-lister's opting for bold, statement pieces to add some real drama to their red carpet look. Here's Anna Lou's round-up of the hottest Oscars jewellery, fresh from the paparazzi. 1. STATEMENT EARRINGS oscar earrings Earrings are undoubtedly the easiest way to add some jewellery panache to an evening look, but at this year's Academy Awards the earrings were as statement as the dresses - with teardrop shapes and plenty of glitter being the order of the day. Channel the look without the hefty price tag with some Anna Lou teardrop earrings. Available in a choice of finish, the hammered, textured detail and demure diamond will have you feeling like a red carpet regular in a flash.

Teardrop Stud Earrings - £40


oscar necklaces

Choosing a necklace to team with evening wear can often be a risky game - too big and bold can look OTT with an attention-grabbing dress, but wearing nothing at all can make a simple, coloured dress totally blend into the background. At last night's proceedings, however, Anna Wintour, Margot Robbie, Laura Dern and countless others gave us a masterclass in Pendant Perfection; opting for edgy shapes, chunky chains and long drops as a glamorous accompaniment to their stunning gowns. Be sure to pick a complementary shade to your gown to keep the look streamlined, and keep hair and make up sleek and simple for maximum impact. A classic pendant on a long chain is the perfect way to add some Wintour-esque chic, and Anna Lou's can be engraved with your own initial for that personal touch. Alternatively, opt for stacks of chunky gold coins for extra drama.

Engraved Balance Necklace - £70

Gold Coin Necklace - £125


image1 (1)

The daring and brave Scarlett Johansson and Cate Blanchett brought their necklace A-game last night, in the form of oversized, textured bib necklaces in aquatic hues. Pulling off a bib necklace can be a tricky game at the best of times, but when teamed with evening wear different rules apply. Choose contrasting colours for just the right amount of impact, and keep the outfit simple to really let your jewellery do the talking! Be Cate's copycat and throw on an Anna Lou monochrome bib necklace with your LBD (that's Long Black Dress), and be evening-ready in less than 5 seconds. Bonus points for nodding to the very current 70s trend!

monochrome necklace highres

Monochrome Bib Necklace - £20

By Charlea Glanville


Ski season is in full tilt, and while you're pelting down the side of a mountain at full speed (complete with sweat, red cheeks and flyaway hair) it can be difficult to maintain a stylish composure - despite the fact that modern ski wear is now more fashionable than ever. Then the sun sets and you're all out of energy, and that apres ski chalet/club and glass of grappa/Jagerbomb awaits - and there waits an opportunity to make your mark and show off your fabulous style as you relax in front of breathtaking scenery. When packing for a ski holiday, your jewellery and accessories are never as much of a consideration as salopettes and gloves, but there's no reason why you can't channel ski chic with a few carefully-chosen pieces. Earrings, for example, can be worn on and off the slopes without claiming too much suitcase space, and bright hair elastics can add punch to your practical ponytail or plait. Choose wisely with pieces that can be reworked with every look, and there's no reason why you can't maintain ski chic both on and off the slopes.

Alphabet studs (£36) can be personalised with your own initials or choice of letters to add a personal touch to your ensemble - scrape your hair off your face and you're good to go! Alternatively, Arrow earrings (£20) are still practical but add some extra interest, with a choice of finishes and textured hammer detail. Better yet, they can still be seen underneath your headband, hat or ski helmet!

Your special Monogram Bracelet (£78) can be worn on the slopes without causing too much annoyance, and incorporates your personality into your look in understated style. Or opt for the Mint Green with Envy arm candy set (£145). Icy hues reflect the snowy scenery around you, and the pieces in the set can be mixed and matched by day (making them great value for money), or stacked up together by night for the ultimate apres ski style statement.

Fasten a bow hair elastic (£20) onto the end of your plait to add some interest to your slope-ready hair, or secure the lips hair elastic (£15) into your ponytail and scale the slopes in style.

Whatever accessories you opt for, everyone will be swooning as you swoosh through that white powder - epitomising ski chic with the simplest additions! Easy peasy.

By Charlea Glanville