MOTHER'S DAY: Gift guide for Fashionable Mums

Do you ever worry that your Mum is more stylish than you? As times have changed, Mums have become more and more fashionable and comfortable expressing themselves through their clothes - just as the younger generations do. While this is empowering to see, when it comes to gift-buying fashionable Mums can be an absolute nightmare. With tastes pickier than yours, how do you even go about picking a gift that will fit with her strict style rules?

With Mother's Day creeping up, your Mum deserves to be spoilt - but there's no reason why you should stick to something boring just to be on the safe side. Anna Lou has a huge collection of on-trend jewellery that dedicated fashion-loving Mums will be proud to own. And with the option to have many pieces personalised, your gift will be as special as it is stylish. The only thing you'll have to worry about now is your Mum looking better than you...

Studded Bangles - £40 each

A stack of bangles is a timeless statement of style, and these beauties go the extra fashion mile with edgy stud detailing. Available in a choice of colours - from bold to pastel hues - there's a bangle to match even the most discerning tastes.

Initial Pearl Bracelet - £18

Pearls are a classic piece of jewellery that almost every Mum is bound to have lurking somewhere in their jewellery box - they can be worn with absolutely everything and never go out of style. But fashionable Mums know it's all about adding personality, and that's why the initial pearl bracelet is a perfect gift option. Stack them up to spell out a special word - at £18 each you're not going to break the bank either. Mum's the word!

Lady necklace - £25

Really daring Mums can go the extra mile by donning an Anna Lou "Lady" necklace, with large statement letters in striking scarlet. Throw on top of a white shirt and let your jewellery do the talking!

By Charlea Glanville